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Also named:
Ann, Anna, Anne, Anya, Brianna, Cindy, Cleopatra Rios, Diana, Greti Pihler, Milan, Temptress
 Birthday: January 15, 1991
 Weight: 49kg
 Height: 160cm
 Hair color: Brown
 Eye color: Brown
 Bra cup size: B
 Tattoos: -
 Piercings: -

 Debut in 2009, Anne plays in many Russian hardcores not only classic or anal, but also, DP and other extreme sex actions.

 Her ass fucking sites and galleries:

 21sexturyProductions Reg. in Gibraltal and shot in Russia
 as Anne
 AnalTeenAngeles P-V 

 She is a really cute teen who loves the hard anal fucks. Nice tits, beautiful face and a loose asshole.. Do you need anymore guys? Omar is already well known... he doesn't leave the holes empty. Let's check this video how she enjoys the cum in her hot asshole..
 GapeLand (Anal gape) P-V

 Sonechka, Anne, and Ava are having a slumber party. It starts out like any girl's night in, but the difference is that instead of pulling out hairstyling products and nail polish, they pull out the inflatable dildo and start having a group lesbian sex party instead! Watch as the girls give each other three times the love, with that much more nipple licking and pussy stimulation!
 LezCuties (Anal lez ggg) P-V1

 Anne and Summer love each other, and spend every minute they can together. Any pair of girl besties does this, but they have even more feelings for each other! That's because while they chat and giggle, they really feel so powerfully attracted to each other that it's not too much time until the clothes fly off and they kiss and make out and lick each other's tight little pussies!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V2

 Black Panther asked her classmate Anne to help with her mathematics homework at her place. Anne had different plans with the night and how she will help Black Panther. When the time came there were no second degree equations or stuff like that only some super-hot teenager lezbo craze as Anne seduced Black Panther just in a second...
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V3

 Take two nasty teens like Anne and Sweet Lana, put them in the same room, add some dildos and leave them alone and what you get is a bombastic scene! Anne and Lana are two wild cutie-pies, that's for sure - so better watch out what they are doing! Lana starts with writing nasty things on a note for Anne and then the lezbo teen fiesta begins with lots of kissing and licking together with some nice double dildo insertions!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V4

 Sweet little Anne was supposed to do her home assignment but it was so fucking boring that she found herself daydreaming about nasty sexy things. After a while sha had enough of this state and got her red dildo out of her bag started playing with it. That was the point when her roommate Ioana came into the room just to see Anne sucking on the rubber dick. Ionana liked what she saw very much and soon the two sexy students got on each other in this superhot teen lesbian scene!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V5

 Anne, Monica, and Reilly are three girls who are besties and like to spend all their time together! No one even wonders at it, which is great for them because they can have private slumber parties whenever they want and no one asks them a thing! Watch as their little hangout turns into a little lesbian threesome as they lick and caress each other to orgasm, and play with their toys as well!
 LezCuties (Anal lez ggg) P-V6

 Marya and Anne are two sweet little roommates. Today they invite you to a kinky adventure to the coach, but only as an observer. Because these girls are fond of each others' pussies. They like to lick and kiss each other for hours to total satisfaction. If someone is watching them, it is all the better. Why it shouldn't be you then?
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V7

 “Hey Doll! Can I hold your hand?” Asked Anne. “Of course you can!” Doll answered kindly and went on...”But after that you will have to caress my titties and finger me through my pants too!” “Wow, that's so freakin cool but you know that petting is boring after a time and my pussy is sooo wet now so pleeease fuck me afterwards! I brought a dildo too!” Said Anne. “ Hmmm alright babe but you will have to do the same with me too!” Answered Doll and the story goes on...
 CutiesGalore (Anal toy lez) P-V1

 Let us introduce to you today Anne, a 19 year old super-cute brunette babe! Anne is a cheerleader at her college and thus she has a dynamite body with gorgeous titties and her butt is just perfect! And we can assure you that like all teens she smells real fresh as well...Come and see her masturbating at home just to please you and watch as she rides a dildo with her little asshole!
 CutiesGalore (Anal solo) P-V2

 Inna helps her girlfriend Anne with cleaning up her room. But Anne is all smiles because she knows something Inna doesn't... namely, that they soon will end up in getting down on each other! Come and see as the two superhot teengirls caress each other and make love in the window! Ready for kinky teens? Check this out!
 CutiesGalore (Anal toy lez) P-V3

 Anne and Sonechka are really good friends. They love each other even over friendship, and if one of them feels a little bit down or in need of some gentle care, the other is more than ready to help her out. This happens now when the two sexy cuties eat out each other and fuck each other with a dildo until their mood gets high...
 CutiesGalore (Anal toy lez) P-V4

 FAQ Network  Reg. and shot in Russia
 as Abbey
 We met that hottie sitting outside in the park on a bench and reading a book. What can be sexier than an intelligent girl these days? Especially if she has huge blue eyes and a firm round butt that is asking to split a fuck or two. After short conversation we convinced her that reading is just a little bit of fun comparing to what is expecting her at our bedroom. Smart girl! You don’t have to repeat anything twice to her! The rest was her initiative. She jumped out of her panties and started to suck cock, making it stone hard and ready to penetrate her tight virgin asshole. The way she was pleasing our cocks made us believe that she had more dicks in her mouth than the number of books she read. What a slut! Then was the right time to proceed to the main event of the evening – to wave the last goodbye to her anal virginity. Her tight butthole welcomed our dicks like it was waiting for us all her short but filthy teenage life. With the face covered with hot sticky semen she let us understand that she likes anal adventures more than reading and looking forward to the next appointment in our bedroom.
 FirstAnalQuest Pa Pb Pc Pd  FLV

 as Anna
 Another lucky day for us・Just take a look at this young babe with amazing butt! We were pleasantly surprised when after short interview we found out that this tight asshole loves to take thick cocks inside. The girlie controlled the depth of penetration herself, and we should say it was really deep!
 DoubleViewCasting Pa Pb Pc Pd Pe FLV

 CatchyFetish Reg. in France, shot in Russia
 as Cleopatra Rios
 An interesting name for a sexy Latin chick, Cleopatra Rios is a gorgeous hottie that fills out her skin tight jeans to perfection. There is no denying she looks sizzling hot with her jean clad ass facing the camera and a big cock stuffed in her mouth and loving every inch!
 FuckMyJeans  P V V2 V3 V4 (90sec.)

 as Greti Pihler
 FuckMyJeans Pa Pb Pc FLV

 Greti is a sexy long haired brunette hottie in her boob hugging top and skimpy white miniskirt. All that tanned skin this chick has showing will make you drool and when she lifts her skirt to show she isn’t wearing anything underneath, be prepared to get rock hard over those tight pink holes. This stud certainly enjoyed getting his cock swallowed up by her mouth and then he pounded her pussy and ass.
 iLoveMiniSkirt Pa Pb Pc Va Vb

 RipeHerUp Pa Pb Pc FLV

 TeenCoreClub Reg. in Finland, shot in Russia
 as Temptress
 Temptress is just what she claims to be. She's an evil little temptress that will get you in the sack. She took his dick right up her ass without any messing around and then she finally took him down her throat. As her asshole was left gaping wide, she got a deep throat fucking by his big cock as he rammed it down her tiny throat. She gagged on it until he finally shot a load in her mouth.
 AssTeenMouth P1 P2 V1 V2

 Temptress had a hard time sucking on two cocks and trying to service them both as she had one in each hand. Then while she continued to suck one of them, the other one slid into her little pussy and fucked her nice and hard. Eventually both guys slid into her two holes at the same time and gave her a deep double penetration she'll never forget.
 DoubleTeamedTeens (DP) Pa Pb Va Vb

 Royall Network Reg. in Cyprus, shot in Russia
 as Diana 
 These sluts had no idea that when they agreed to suck some cock and take it up the ass exactly what would happen. But these cocks are shoved full force down their throats and deep in their butts. Leaving their faces covered in spit, their rosebuds looking like a tunnel and cum dripping down their gullets and chins!
 Gag&Gape P Va Vb

 DMN Network Reg. in UK, shot in Russia
 as Abbey
 Young girl was sitting at home alone. Abbey didn't know that her boyfriend would come to deflower her. Horny stud said he wanted to have sex. But Abbey was a virgin and she was a little shy to show up naked in front of him. But when Abbey felt his strong hands on her body girl was ready to let his cock inside her untouched pussy. He licked her pussy lips and Abbey moaned from pleasure. When the huge cock pushed inside her, she felt a slight pain but then lustful chick couldn't stop riding erected cock with her cunt and tight ass hole. Her first sex was awesome.
 iFuckedHerFinally info Pa Pb Va Vb Vc

 SeriousPartners Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
 as Anya
Thank god, another exam passed and that means another particular reason to celebrate! Plus, New Year is coming soon, so all the students are in the mood of partying, of course. I still remember how great it went last time when we escaped out of town to a deserted cottage, that was one awesome weekend, and we definitely wanted more of it. So we decided to throw another cottage party! What would you do to make it even better? Invite more sexy babes, for sure! We needed some fresh blood. Sex with girls that you've known for ages can be exciting, no doubt, but you easily get bored of it. This time we set up an experiment and invited a couple of chicks that we've never seen before, hoping that it won't kill the party.

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 as ?
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 as Abbey
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