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Also named:
Elena Kushka,

Nationality: Russian
Birthday: May 18, 1993
Weight: kg
Height: 182cm
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Pubic area:

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MadChedder Reg. in Spain, shot in USA
as Elena Koshka
Meet Elena, a beautiful student who loves her college life. The only thing that is spoiling her fun is her lack of money. Although her parents have said to get a part time job, Elena has another idea. She tries her hand at modelling. Pretty soon, she gets a great gig with a successful Italian photographer. She can’t believe her luck. During one particular sexy lingerie photo shoot, he begins to take some very risque artistic nudes. He approaches her, touching her in places she did not expect. She is so excited and so wet as he does things to her she has only fantasised about, opening doors into a world of sexually fuelled fun.
Tushy (Anal vaginal 1:1 gape finish) P Pzip Tube

Non anal galleries:

MindGeek Reg. in Luxemburg, shot in USA
as Elena Koshka
CumFiesta (Vaginal 1:1 finish) P-V

IKnowThatGirl (Vaginal 1:1 finish) P-V

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Started: 2016.07.17.
Final update: 2016.07.18.

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