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Birthday: April 05, 1990
Weight: 44kg
Height: 163cm
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Bra cup size: 32A/70A
Tattoos: -
Piercings: -

Ioana started her engagement with porn bussiness in 2010. She is the most active Russian anal starlette at euro-porn world in the second half of 2010.

Newly added in March 2014:

21Sextury Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Russia
as Ioana
Teenage girl Ioana doesn't like to complicate things... everything on its own place. Just pure and simple. This is how her relationships go. This one, for instance, is all about sex, no loose threads, no strings attached. All she wants is to be banged through all holes until she trembles with satisfaction and her partner covers her with his happy semen. Simple, right?
AnalTeenClub (Anal 1:1) P-V Tube

netFameSolutions Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
as Cutie
Avil Angels



Her ass fucking sites and galleries:

21Sextury Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Russia
as Ioana
Okay, Ioana maybe not a guitar hero (or heroine), but she has other talents we love, admire, and support. The beautiful blonde teen will prove her talent with blowing instruments, such as Eriksen’s cock, before they take a half turn and let that big tool slide in from the opposite direction, right into Ioana’s tight, sweet asshole.
AnalTeenAngels (Vaginal 1:1) P-V 
In this episode no anal but vaginal play only!

Ioana is already pretty and popular. But if she is seen with school heartthrob Oliver Strelly every girl will envy her and all the guys will pay attention. She's willing to try anything to get him, which is why she is letting him pump her little ass hard for the first time. Watch as Ioana lets Oliver get into her ass and get amazing pleasure from his huge cock and hot body!  
AnalTeenAngels (Anal 1:1) P-V1 V Tube180

What do you think would be the best gift for a young nymphomanic slut like Amelie? Maybe a glassy ass penetrator dildo? Well Ioana had this idiea and bought her one not just for her girlfriend but for herself too to enjoy stretching Amelie's tight anus with it as an extra gift...Nice one Ioana but Johnny had a better idea and he didn't even had to spend money on it as it was his cock that he wanted to share with the birthday girl and got real lucky as the other one was horny too...
AnalTeenAngels (Anal ffm) P-V2 P2 V2 Tube180

Gentlemen let us present you a nice young piece of meat on our teen ass market! Ioana is a horny newcummer and an anal virgin who has dreamed about anal sex so far. Now Mike Angelo is here to take her rectal virginity and to show her what real passion is! Come and see how she enjoys this new sexual experience and see that huge gape she got for the first time!
GapeLand (Anal 100% 1:1 gape) P-V1 P1 V1 Tube180

Ioana is such a sad puppy. Her boyfriend left her and she feels herself ugly and useless. She is lucky that her friends are there to pull her out from the misery. Karen and Ian proves Ioana that she is very pretty and some people are still care about her, while they lick, and fuck the girls pussy and ass, leaving them dripping with cum.
GapeLand (Anal ffm creampie) P-V2a P-V2b V2 Tube180

Ioana and Angellina are so sweet together. The petite brunette is like a younger sister for Ioana, but it won't stop her to eat out the little beauty. Her wet tongue explores Angellina's tight ass and wet pussy when finally the small babe cums hard. But Angellina is not the type of girl who wouldn't return the favor... so it is now Ioana's time for pleasure.
LezCuties (Anal lez gg) P-V7 Tube125

Sweet little Anne was supposed to do her home assignment but it was so fucking boring that she found herself daydreaming about nasty sexy things. After a while sha had enough of this state and got her red dildo out of her bag started playing with it. That was the point when her roommate Ioana came into the room just to see Anne sucking on the rubber dick. Ionana liked what she saw very much and soon the two sexy students got on each other in this superhot teen lesbian scene!
LezCuties (Anal lez gg) P-V1 Tube180

In today's exclusive LezCuties.com update two truly gorgeous petite University students are preparing for their presentation due to the next day but horny little Lisa interrupts it as she just can't resist Ioana's supersexy look! So come and see as the two teen blondies are having crazy lesbian fun with each other with the help of a two headed dildo instead of studying!
LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V2 Tube180

Monica and Ioana have been excited for their sleepover for a long time! And now they are in the bathroom, messing around a bit and having some beauty treatments... but they are really getting a bit sweaty and oily because they are getting naughty and rubbing each other's asses and pussies, getting closer and closer to orgasm!
LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V3 Tube180

Say “NO”! Ok, now click on the pics of Iona and Lisa, and say “no” again. Can’t do it right? Who could say no to the hottest lesbian anal pics and video? Well, that person either doesn’t exist or insane. We hope you are a healthy, rounded ass lover guy who doesn’t think of stupid word games, like yes or no, just enjoy life, and enjoy the company of two very horny blond girls ;)
LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V4 Tube180

Ioana and Reilly just got their first sex toys and they wanted to try them out together! So watch as they test drive these new toys and see how they like them. Since they are horny little girls, surely these toys will bring them a whole new world of pleasure with mutual masturbation!
LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V5 Tube180

Ioana heard a lot about the shy beauty, Jolie. Her ivory skin, her ruby hair is a dream of every lesbian girl and Ioana really wish to taste her lips... both of them. Jolie is more than happy to the company, especially that Ioana's daring attitude and nicely tanned, sexy body totally mesmerizes her. And while the two young cuties get to know each other, all we have to do is lay back and enjoy the show.
LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V6 

Ioana looks sooo innocent! Maybe because her skin is as white as the snow! But don't let yourself be deceived! She is a real slut despite her age, and if you are skeptic about this fact, click on this gallery and believe your own eyes! She's getting downright dirty in front of our camera, fingering and fucking her juicy cunt with a nice transparent dildo! Of course expect lots of close-ups!
CutiesGalore (Anal solo) P-V1a P-V1b V1 Tube180

Gentlemen, let us introduce you to Ioana a really cute little blondie. All she wants now is you to watch her as she gets naked for you. Look at her innocent pink bra and panties, and watch her get a dirty solo. Watch her as she masturbates, getting her young tight pussy wet and dripping for you. Look at her little asshole and think about how much you would like to be touching and stroking it there in her bathroom.
CutiesGalore (Anal solo) P-V2 V2 Tube180

When it comes to lesbian plays, the most obvious choices are the two cute teens, Ioana and Lisa. These girls practically live and die for pussies, especially for each others'. It is hard to find an occasion when they are not making out, not a wonder, that we managed to catch them in action. Curious? Don't hesitate to check their video then!
LetsPlayLez (Anal strap-on lez) P-Va P-Vb

21Sextury Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Hungary
as Ioana
Ioana's already been to NudeFightClub's matches, so she really knows what fair play is. So when Bob and Zack had a match, she eagerly watched the two muscular dudes. It seems our half-naked fighters made her horny, because she decided to end the match by announcing a draw and pleasing both fighters at the same time! Now that's what we call fair play!
AssHoleFeaver (Anal fmm) P-V1a P-V1b V1 Tube180

Summer is Ioana's favorite season. She loves the sun, the nudity, and she loves sailing. Especially if the boat trip offers a chance to suck a big cock and then stuff it into her tight asshole. David is a perfect match for Ioana... he has a boat, he has a big cock and he loves to bang the girls in the ass hard till she screams in pleasure.
AssHoleFeaver (Anal fmm) P-V2 

 You should be familiar with Ioana if you are a fan of our 3 exclusive teen sites: Lez Cuties, Anal Teen Angels and Cuties Galore. But did you recognize her? We doubt it as she transformed so much for her appearance on Pix & Video! And wow what a transformation! She's not that awkward cutie no more as she poses in front of our cameras in her black minidress but an overly confident sexy young lady! And now come and watch our new superbabe getting assfucked hard by Bob Terminator!
Pix&Video (Anal 1:1) sc. at fASSinating P-V1 P1 V1 Tube180

It seems Ioana's sexual appetite cannot be satisfied so easily. She's just arrived back from a sexy boat trip with David, and the afternoon already finds her with Lauro Giotto. They don't waste too much time to get nude there, at the pool side, and Lauro's throbbing, erect cock swiftly finds its way into Ioana's hot inside.
Pix&Video (Anal 1:1) P-V
 sc at fASSinating ★Tube180

Which lady could say no to an expensive car, two handsome guys, and a nice sex? Well, Ioana surely can't. When David and George stops next to her, inviting her over for a good fuck, Ioana instantly say yes. Soon, they find themselves in the apartment, and hell.... that girl really pays back for the kind welcome.
DPFanatics (Anal fmm DP) P-V1

It seems Ioana's sexual appetite cannot be satisfied so easily. She's just arrived back from a sexy boat trip with David, and the afternoon already finds her with Lauro Giotto. They don't waste too much time to get nude there, at the pool side, and Lauro's throbbing, erect cock swiftly finds its way into Ioana's hot inside.
DPFanatics (Anal backstage) P-V2

Mennis Network Reg. in Dominica, shot in Russia
The guys at School are afraid to even approach the queen of senior prom, but this college dude does not give a damn about her title. All he wants is get this hottie naked and stuff his big cock in her tiny ass hole so deep that she feels his balls slap against her sexy buttocks. He tells her that straightforwardly and next thing she knows she's riding her mouth up and down his thick creamy pole getting ready for hard anal.
BangMyTeenAss (Anal 1:1) ref

I knew this date would be special when my girlfriend kissed me and whispered “I'm ready” into my ear which meant she finally decided to make our anal fantasies a reality. I started with giving her rosebud a good finger massage applying lube all over her pink anus. I felt her ass squeeze my finger inside and knew she was ready for my hard cock. The very first penetration almost made me cum, but I froze for a while and continued moments later fucking my lovely gf with all the passion in the world. It was amazing!
FirstAnalDate (Anal 1:1) P Va Vb Vc Vd Ve Vf Vg

InetOnlineServies Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
as Tish
Striking and beautiful the tiny tot Tish opens up all her holes to one monster sized cock in this video and picture episode. She joins one of our hungs studs for love and he quickly stuffs her mouth and pussy full. After streching out those two holes he goes after her tight ass and the sweety takes a hard creampie pounding in all positions before her stud unleashes a load of spermage up the youngsters worked over little ass for a great anal creampie finish.
CreamPieHunnies (Anal 1:1 creampie) Tube

GG Prod. Reg. in UK, Italian prod., shot in Russia
as Cutie Polie 
RussianTeenObsession (Anal 1:1) P V

NoRestForTheAss (Anal fmm DP
DAP) P V Tube180

JT Network  Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
as Marmalade
MyTeenVideo (Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Pc Va Vb Vc Vd

Royal Network Reg. in Cyprus, shot in Russia
as Tiffany (now united as Stephanie) 
Well, take your seats please and get ready to the spectacular sex-show this chick will perform! This sweet tiny babe waited for her boyfriend and she knew what they will do together. But she didn't suppose that her ass will be sodomized so hard! Anyway, she begs for more and more, and she is really happy when feeling these precious drops of goo on her sweet teen face.
TeenSexMovs (Anal 1:1) P Va Vb Tube60

Tiffany likes all style sex! Blowjob, ass rimming, traditional sex - she's open to all sex games! This time she will pamper her boyfriend with ass-to-pussy sex, just because these feelings are fantastic! And what about his sperm? It's so delicious...
TeenSexMania (Anal 1:1) P Va Vb Tube60

This tanned chick want's to learn more about the nonstop orgasm during 30 minutes... Do you imagine that? She doesn't believe that it's possible. Well, you can witness that it's really possible, and now you can enjoy how this bound babe is enjoying a forced orgasm and squirting all the time.
SquirtingVirgin (Anal 1:1) P Va Vb Tube180

Stephanie is a very cute teen in a short skirt, tank top and sweet sneakers on her feet. Firstly she will stretch her butthole to prepare it for hard fucking, and then she will give head to her boyfriend and he almost immediately will slide his cock into her tight and ready for drilling asshole. The contrast of his big wang inside her little body is what drives the arousal here. Her sexy little asshole will be filled with a huge portion of hot jizz.... Stephanie is really amazing!
BeautyAngelesAnal 1:1 creampie) P Va Vb Tube60
TeenCoreClub Reg. in Finland, shot in Russia
as Jenna
Jenna is sexy little teen who got poked in her throat by his giant cock. She sucked him down as he fucked her face. Then he rammed his cock up her tight little asshole and fucked it until she was stretched out gaping wide. Jenna finally finished with an ass to mouth as she licked his cock clean that had just been up her hot little ass.
AssTeenMouth (Anal 100% 1:1 ATM) Pa Pb Va Vb Trailer

Jenna is a gorgeous brunette with a fit tanned little body that will make you go blind if you stare at it too long. She milked his cock with her mouth until he was hard enough to penetrate her little asshole. Her tight ass got violated by his cock for quite some time and then he shot his spunk all over that gorgeous little face!
TryTeens (Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Va Vb Trailer

Jenna looked ultra sexy in her lace stockings and pigtails! She especially looked hot when he stuffed his cock in her ass! But little Jenna took him all the way in her mouth first as she gagged a little on his dick and then he reamed her tight asshole with his big monster cock. After which Jenna's face was covered with his thick jizm!
(Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Va Vb Newly added

 Jenna was fearful of fucking two cocks at once but the boys talked her into it. She first gave them both a deepthroat blowjob and then they each took turns fucking her sweet pussy. Then when they both got up and mounted her at the same time, Jenna was a screamer as she got double penetrated. They each fucked her silly and then shot a load on her face!
DoubleTeamedTeens (DP)  Pa Pb Va Vb Trailer

FAQ Network Reg. and shot in Russia
as Polly
This babe has everything to become a world famous pornstar! She is young and hot, her slim body with pretty tits and firm appetite ass is sizzling hot and she has already gained fans in the adult industry. Her sexual appetite knows no limits and she loves to suck cum from huge cocks to the last drop.
DoubleViewCasting (Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Pc Pd Va Vb Vc

This adorable cutie has everything you love about teens – petite stunning body, lovely beautiful face and tiny perfectly shaped ass. At the interview she told us that she loves big cocks, but the one she was about to deal with was too big for this lusty chick’s tight pink holes. Pure expression of excitement appeared on her pretty face when she saw it for the first time! She was jerking it with both hands and passionately licked the dickhead trying to imagine how it would fit in her innocent butthole. Our actor had some mercy on her and before shoving his enormous fat cock in her virgin ass, he warmed it up and stretched a bit with a dildo. But even after it her lovely pink butthole was too tight to fit every inch of king sized throbbing shaft. Poor girl was screaming her throat raw and moaned unstoppably from the incredible tension in her bottomhole! No matter it hurt so much, when she got a steaming load on her butt she couldn’t hide pleasure in her slutty blue eyes!
FirstAnalQuest (Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Pc Pd Pe Va Vb Vc

DDF Network Reg. and shot in Hungary
as Victoria Tiffani
Sexy slim blond babe Victoria Tiffani gets her shaved pussy & horny ass filled with the huge & hard cock of Tomas during their hardcore sex. Enjoy seeing the nasty sex action of this horny couple finishing their thing with a huge cumshot on the hot b ...
Hands-on-Hardcore (Anal 1:1) P P-V

PayServe Network Reg. in The Netherlands, shot in Russia
as Paula
ClubSeventeen (Anal 1:1) P

as Tiffany
As promised, I bring you yet another gorgeous teen from the frozen wastes of Russia. Well, I actually met her in Budapest, admiring a Hungarian statue and thought I would pounce, whilst Lara filmed from a distance. She had the roundest bum this side of Vladivostok and what's more she'd managed to pour them in to some skin tight jeans. Anyway, I managed to entice her back to my lair and after Lara filmed some single girl antics, Tiffani then donned some skimpy, "Daisy Duke's" together with a fluffy top and some cowboy boots. Talk about a teen dream from Heaven. I couldn't believe it when she intimated that she liked hot anal action. I mean to say, imagine peeling down those skimpy little shorts and squeezing yourself into that tight hole! Maybe don't try, because you might get a heart attack!
JimSlip (Anal 1:1) P

Serious Partners Netwok Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
as Anya
PornTraveling ref 
regret that in this episodes players use condom

as Tiffany
If you've watched our videos before, you should know we don't plan things, they just happen, and sometimes surprise us with how cool and so to say pleasant sudden acquaintances can be. Like this one that took place by the local beach. Who the hell goes to the beach alone? That's what I'll never be able to…
MyPickUpGirls (Anal fmm) 
Newly added!

This is the hot summer day and it’s no wonder that three handsome and muscled guys decided to invite a cute chick for a picnic in the forest. All kinds of fun and pleasure were offered – great weather, warm water, burning sun rays and, of course, some bottles of sham or wine that would cheer the girl up and put her into a good mood for some kinky plays alfresco. Everything was going on well and after several minutes of friendly sunbathing the salacious boys talked their bimbo into getting undressed and plunging into the hardest fucking starting from the really deep blowjob on all three members and ending up with the…
HardFuckTales (DP fmmm) 
Newly added!

RK Network  Reg. in USA, shot in Hungary
as Vicktoria Tiffany
Viktoria contacted me and specifically asked for the special discounted rate. I am of the opinion that she has a boyfriend and her own apartment nearby. She did not care where the apartment was located nor the condition of the apartment. Vicktoria was only interested in the guy that was going to fuck her tiny tight ass. Choky had the pleasure of banging her back door and sweet pussy.
MikesApartment (Anal 1:1) P-V standing69

DMN Network Reg. in UK, shot in Russia
as Sammy
Every time Sammy had sex with her boyfriend he told her how attractive her ass hole was, but she never let him fuck her in that hole. Once when he licked her pussy he went a little down and pet her ass with his tongue and finger. Sammy liked it, but then felt a little pain and asked him to stop. That day teen babe decided to make a surprise for her beloved and started working out her ass. In a while they were having sex, sexy slut grabbed his stiff cock and slowly pushed it inside her butt-hole. The man has never been so happy. He nailed Sammy on his boner and made her cum so hard.
YoungAnalTryouts (Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Va Vb Vc

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FirstAnalQuest/Polly (Ioana) 

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