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Also named:
Antonia, Erica, Fayina, Feline, Inessa, Jasmine, Jenny, Malika, Sandra

 Birthday: April 10, 1988
 Weight: 48kg
 Height: 163cm
 Hair color: Black
 Eye color: Brown
 Bra cup size: B
 Tattoos: -
 Piercings: -

Karen debut to Russian hardcores in 2010. Karen now belongs to Hugarian porn model agency and actively plays for both in Russia and Hungary.

New! Her newly added anal galleries in August 2012:

 21Sextury Prod. shot in Budapest, Hungary or Prague, Czekhia
 as Karen
 AssHoleFever (Anal 100% fmm) P-V3 Tube180
 Appearance Nude Oral 2 3 4 5 6 7 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Gape Finish

 Karen and Jamaica spent the day together, fooling around, having a dinner and whatnot. But when they arrive home, they don’t waste too much time… they get down to business right away. Horny, they peel each other out from the clothes, their lips and fingers restlessly exploring one another’s body, and when they warm up enough, then comes the ass-banging…
(Anal 1:1 interracial) P-V2 Tube180
Appearance 2 Nude 2 Genital 2 Oral 2 3 4 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Gape 2 3

Frank is a top notch slave trader, offering his own property for some action for those willing to pay. Mugur and Antonio are craving for some limitless fun, and Karen is a beautiful merchandise to have for a short time. Paying good money for it, the two guys get the key to her cage to have the girl in their own way.
(Anal fmm BDSM) P-V2 Tube180
Appearance Oral 2 3 4 Vaginal 2 3 Anal 2 3 4 Finish

Poor Karen is up for some humiliation experience. Rendered defenseless, crucified and gagged, she has no chance to flee, protest or even beg while Frank uses the vulnerable girl as his personal fucking toy, trying a wide selection of toys on her body. The girl squirms in pain and pleasure, and cums for her master's will.
(Anal 1:1 BDSM) P-V1 Tube180
 Appearance Nude 2 Genital 2 3 Toying 2 3 4 Oral 2 Vaginal 2 Anal 2 3 4 Gape 2 Finish

 Her ass fucking sites and galleries:

 21Sextury Prod. Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Russia
 as Karen
 Wow, flat-chested teen bitch Karen loves it in her tight teen asshole! You don't believe me? Well, sit back, relax and let these extreme anal hardcore videos convince you! Karen is a horny teen gal who can barely control herself when spotting a nice, long and rock hard cock! This barely legal teen has an insatiable sexual hunger and loves to get her ass pounded hard!
 GapeLand (Anal 1:1) P-V1 Tube180

 Ioana is such a sad puppy. Her boyfriend left her and she feels herself ugly and useless. She is lucky that her friends are there to pull her out from the misery. Karen and Ian proves Ioana that she is very pretty and some people are still care about her, while they lick, and fuck the girls pussy and ass, leaving them dripping with cum.
 GapeLand (Anal ffm creampie) P-V2a P-V2b V2 Tube180

 Blonde bombshell Logan is crazy for girls in fishnet. She is willing to pay to have sex with beauties wearing that. Well, she came to the right place. Karen and XYZ are real pros and they give Logan the fuck of her life. Their service is excellent and crazy - golf balls hidden in the anus, strap-on, monster dildo and a lot of stunning kinky stuff. This is something you shouldn't miss out!
 LetsPlayLezAnal lez ggg) P-Va P-Vb V Tube180

 Four girls, a lot of drinks and a few strap-on... that's the perfect recipe for a crazy all-girls anal-fucking bonanza. Alysa and her friends, Logan, Karen and Maryna tries out every possible positions and setup, and soon the room echoes with the pleasured moans of the four ladies. A stunning party, some gorgeous girl and a bunch of red dildos,... these are the anal-queen's offer for today.
 AnalQueenAlysaAnal lez gggg) P-V Tube180

 Alysa wakes up just to see her part time lover is ready to leave. Luckily Alysa has more than one way to convince her to stay. Her smooth pussy and ass, for starter, but also an idea about a crazy, no-holds-barred bath party, which involves some cocktail, some cool whip, and a few dildo for a nice anal fucking. How could Karen say no to all these...
 AnalQueenAlysaAnal lez) P-Va P-Vb V Tube180

 The depth of a friendship... when you share not just your everyday happenings, joy, sadness, but your deepest dreams and your bashful wishes that might be uncertain for you as well. Until you meet with a soul who's so close to you. When your friendship is more than you've ever imagined... when you begin to love each other, for real. And when this happens, you cannot control things anymore...
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V1 Tube180

 What happens when two hungry girls get together? You could be sure there'll be plenty of pussy eating and fingerfucking and heavy duty dildoing, since these young lesbians really know how to please each other! Check out what's going on now, LezCuties brings you the hottest girl-on-girl action!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V2 Tube180

 Sassy Shira and her best friend Karen are a pair of young hotties who love to get up for dressed... oh, and did I forget to mention they like lesbian action too? See these babes revved up for sizzling sex action which they happily deliver with their strap-on cock! Shira fucks Karen's ass like there's no tomorrow... you don't want to miss this hot update on LezCuties.com!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V3a P-V3b V Tube180

 Karlie and Karen don't like to force their love life between boundaries. Whenever they have the mood, they will have sex with each other... just like this, spontaneously. Just leave them alone together in a room, and you'll see how soon they will start to eat each other out. It won't take too much time, believe us.
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V4 P4 V4 Tube180

 Probably many of you have seen Karen already here and there, but if you haven’t had the chance, or simply you wish to see more of the tight, silky young teen, it is the time. Today’s cutie is no less than her, and she devotes all her attention to her current and future fans, while she pleasures all her delicates in front of the camera, just for them… just for you.
 CutiesGalore (Anal toy solo) P-V2 Tube180

 Karen looks like your average straight A student, which she is, but she's got a pretty strict curfew plus she's not allowed out during the week. So what's a girl to do when she's feeling horny and all alone? Let Karen show you how she gets her fuck on when she's at her horniest and there's no one there to satisfy her desires...
 CutiesGalore (Anal toy solo) P-V1 P V Tube180

 Shot in Budapest, Hungary or Prague, Czekhia
 as Karen
 Karen is on heat again. She could be an honorary DP fanatic, since every time she has the chance, she tries to find two horny male for herself. She throws herself into action right away as she sucks Bob's and Leslie's cocks hard and erect, just the way she loves them. Then she let the boys invade her from front and through the back door, and the mindless DP bonanza is on!
 DPFanatics (DP creampie) P-Va P-Vb V! Tube180

 Karen doesn't mess around. She is not the hesitating type. If the sexy brunette wants something, she grabs it by the... cock. Or more precisely, by the cocks, because this time Karen wants both Leslie and Frank at the same time. So the girl reaches out, pulling out both men meats from the pants, and drives them to the right places.
 AssHoleFever (Anal fmm) P-V Tube180

 Beautiful Gracie and sexy Karen are both young and ahead of numerous dates and boyfriends (and maybe even a few girlfriends), but they are old enough to know that good sex can be the key of a relationship. So the girls are busy to practice on each other to learn about their own body, their erogenous zones and to improve their skills to give pleasure.
 Pix and Video (Anal toy lez) P-V Tube180

 Having boys or playing with toys? It is always a very good question for Karen and Sunny Diamond, but today they decide not to involve the masculine power, and play with each other instead. For that, they have an arsenal of toys, and those are some really serious stuff. But what could one do when these crazy chicks like it to the extreme?
 Zoliboy (Anal toy lez) P-V Tube180

 GG Prod. Reg. in UK, Italian prod., shot in Russia
 as Inessa
 NoRestForTheAss (Anal 1:1) P V

 FAQ Network Reg. and shot in Russia
 as Antonia
 You might get a feeling that you’ve already seen this seductive teen babe somewhere and you’d probably be right. She might be a girl from your college, school or neighborhood, but our members had a chance to see her on doubleviewcasting.com where she performed so well and gave up her fucking holes to throbbing cock eagerly and properly. We all fell in love with her sweet round booty and the way she bounces it on huge balls, so we were craving to have her back as soon as possible. When we called her, she accepted our offer with a great pleasure and told that she enjoyed taking our fucker’s huge dong in her nice pussy and looking forward to fit it in her yummy ass hole. On the shooting day she looked incredibly sexy and super horny. She started with amazing oral servitude and then put forward her stunning ass. Her elastic bottom hole got stretched to the limit. She was fucking like a nasty anal whore and got her ass hole creampied with a huge load.
 FirstAnalQuest (Anal 1:1 creampie) Pa Pb Pc Pd Va Vb Vc Vd

 This gorgeous teen babe is a perfect candidate for any porn movie! Her lust and desire know no limits and she works over the cock like a true professional! She kindly prepared her lovely butthole for deep penetration and took huge cum load on her beautiful face after.
 DoubleViewCasting (Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Pc Pd Pe

 Royal Network Reg. in Cyprus, shot in Russia
 as Karen  now all her name is untied as Antonia
 This stunning brunette teen is the true cock-hungry slut! She can't live without sex, and she is dreaming only about her boyfriend's huge John... Well, she is already sucking his cock and preparing her nasty pussy to get it deeply penetrated... And her Pussy's neighbour - little Asshole is craving for fucking too! They both can't wait anymore and want to get drilled as hard as it's possible... Well, so said - so done! Thick rivers of sperm on Antonia's face prove that!
 TeenSexMovs (Anal 1:1) P1 V1a V1b

 He wanted to help Karen with her homework, but he intended to do something another - for example to fuck this beautiful teen babe! Well, firstly she was against it, but after all, she gave him her sweet pussy and tight asshole to get them drilled hard! Well, she will remember this fucking lesson for a long time!
(Anal 1:1) P Va Vb

 as Antonia
 How do you think what will the guy do when he has seen his girlfriend naked in the bathroom? Of course he will help her to take a shower, and then he will stuff his huge pecker to her nasty shaved pussy.... But her tight asshole won't stay without attention - very soon it will accept his horny dick, and will be fucked so hard that this chick couldn't walk for a week! Crazy fucking for the true fans of hot sex in the bathroom!
(Anal 1:1) P2 V2a V2b

Sweet, tender and untouchable. This babe doesn't yet know what does the word 'squirt' mean. And our fuckers now will show this beaut how to cum and how to squirt. She is tied and she can't do nothing. All that she can do it's just to squirt and to get her holes sodomized mercilessly.
(Anal 1:1) P Va Vb  

For those gus who asked more scences with Antonia - here it you can find one more! This beautiful brunette hottie is really fast and burning. Her pussy and mouth are willing for a deep penetration, and her asshole doesn't mind to try a dildo to become prepared for this fat dick too! Antonia will scream and moan from the lustful pleasure, and it's obvious that she loves such treatment....
 BeautyAngeles (Anal 1:1 creampie) P Va Vb

 Everest Network Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
 as Antonina
 Antonina hops into the shower and cleans her sexy young body in the hot video. She soaps up and directs the water flow at her titties, her pussy, and her ass. She looks smooth and shiny in the wetness and when her man shows up he is understandably aroused. He checks her out and gets all hot and bothered, which is why she is soon on her knees giving him hot head. When he’s hard she stands and bends over the counter, balancing there while he guides his cock into her wet pussy from behind and starts with the fucking. Her shaved teen pussy takes it and then he pulls out and puts his cock into her asshole for more hard and deep fucking. They continue fucking all over the bathroom and he cums on her face.
 SmackMyBitch (Anal 1:1) P-V

 PayServe Network Reg. in The Netherlands, shot in Russia
 as Feline
 ClubSeventeen (Anal 1:1) P 

 Brutal-B Network
 as Inessa
 BrutalFisting (Anal lez fisting) Pa Pb Va Vb

 HugeStraponLesbians (Anal toy lez) P V

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 Mennis Network Reg. in Dominica, shot in Russia

 Non anal galleries:

 Royal Network as Elena Reg. in Cyprus, shot in Russia
 as Karen
 TeenSexMania (Vaginal 1:1) P Va Vb
 as Antonina
 TeenSexMania (Vaginal 1:1) P Va Vb

 Nubiles Network Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
 as Fayina
 Nubiles (Vaginal 1:1) P P-V

 Everest Network Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
 as Antonina
 SmackMyBitch (Vaginal 1:1) P-V

 21Sextury Prod. Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Hungary and Czekhia
 as Karen
 NudeFightClub (Lez) P-V Tube180
Zoliboy (Vaginal fisting lez) P-V Tube180
 Zoliboy (Vaginal 1:1 POV)  P-V Tube180
 GranpaFuckTeens (Vaginal 1:1 old-young) P-V Tube180

DMN Network Reg. in UK, shot in Russia
 as Jenny
 HornyThiefTales (Vaginal fmm) Pa Pb Va Vb Vc Vd
 as Jasmine
SheMadeUsLesbiansVaginal lez) Pa Pb Va Vb Vc


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