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Also named:
Carolina Star, Carolina Star, Carolina Vogue, Helena Miles,

Nationality: Russian
Birthday: 1992
Weight: kg
Height: cm
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Hazell
Tattoos: On left hand; on right leg
Pubic area: Shaved

Added in February 2016:

FAQ Reg. and shot in Russia
as Helena Miles
First anal porn shoots are always intense, especially with hot girls like Helena Miles. She is quite inexperienced, but she is very eager and willing to explore her sexuality further. By the way, she sucks a man's balls and cock, it is clear she has done it before, but this will be her first anal penetration ever. Helena is a cute Russian girl who wants to delve into the world of hardcore sex with big dick men. Butt licking before anal sex makes Helena hornier. Her first ass fuck session gives her plenty of pleasure
FirstAnaQuest (Anal 100% 1:1 gape finish) Pef

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LPN Reg. in Czechia, shot in Russia
as Karolina Star
LegalPorno (Anal vaginal 2:3 interracial DP gape creampie) P-V Trailer Pzip

LegalPorno (Anal vaginal 3:3 interracial DP creampie) P-V Trailer Pzip

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LegalPorno (Anal 100% 4:1 interracial creampie) P-V Trailer Pzip

LegalPorno (Anal vaginal 1:3 interracial DP gape finish) P-V Trailer Pzip

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Started: 2016.01.04.
Final update: 2016.02.02.

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