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Birthday: August 26, 1983
Weight: 60kg
Height: 178cm
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Bra cup size: 34D-25-37
Tattoos: On back, on left arm
Piercings: Navel 

★ Newly added in February 2014:

21Sextury Network Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Hungary
as Kayla Green
Perfect globes. round ass, a lovely pink pussy... with all these traits it is not a wonder that Kayla has an easy time to bend every guys around her fingers and make them do whatever she wants. This time she wants an intense anal session with two cocks at the same time, and both Renato and Toby are happy to be at her service.
AssHoleFever (Anal fmm) P-V Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

DDF Reg. and shot in Hungary
as Kayla Green
Ever wonder how the bizarre set like to celebrate the New Year? Then come along for this wild scene between Mistress Kayla Green and her newbie slave girl, Meg Magic. Barefoot, nude, and clad only in a black hooded cape, the slender brunette Meg serves her blonde domme some champagne, then receives a little taste of it first on her sexy brown nipples and then in her mouth. But Mistress Kayla has far more serious celebratory rituals in mind, like whipping Meg’s ass with a flogger, then cramming the plastic handle of the flogger in Meg’s pussy so it hangs out like a long tail. After having her sub lap her pussy, the mistress transfers the flogger han...
HouseOfTaboo (Anal toy lez BDSM) P P-V

Kayla Green is at the mercy of Mugur and Choky Ice, her wrists bound to what looks like an old barber’s chair and her legs open for penetration. Starting out as the recipient of Mugur’s spit in her mouth, Kayla then gets briefly spanked before having her pussy licked by Mugur and sucking both of the guys’ pricks. A black dildo is brought into play, fucking her tits (and making her big nipples quite hard), and then she’s banged in the butt alternately with the toy and then Mugur’s shaft. Check out the wild double penetration action as her shaved pussy takes on penis while her ass gets dildo, before shifting to Choky’s cock in her bottom and...
HouseOfTaboo (Anal fmm BDSM) P P-V

Choky Ice is a very unhappy boss, because he’s come back to the office to discover his secretary Kayla Green chatting on her cellphone and smoking cigarettes instead of doing the late night overtime she was scheduled for. Well, he quickly teaches her a lesson by spanking her, cuffing her wrists, smacking her ass and fingering her pussy, then getting her on her knees to worship his cock and balls. But his anger is still not abated, because he then puts a ball-gag in her mouth so she won’t say any intelligible words as he fucks her pussy while leaning her over the desk. Mr. Ice spends some tool time in her asshole as well, even as he continues to fin...
HouseOfTaboo (Anal 1:1 BDSM) P P-V

WAM Reg. in Spain. shot in
as Kayla Green
The first time is always something very important for girls. They all remember fondly the first time they wore make up, the first folder they covered up with clippings of handsome and famous boys, their prom and of course their first kiss. But above all, there're two dates that they'll never forget: the day they lost their virginity..
CumLouder (Anal fmm DP) P-V

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21Sextury Network Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Hungary
as Kayla Green
Tuff girl Kayla Green looks amazing, clad only in thigh-high boots and colorful ink. it is obvious that anyone who wants to keep Kayla satisfied (mostly sexually), really needs to pack up, because that girl is a man-eater. Even know, she needs two men to satisfy her voluptuous body... we don't even dare to guess what would she do with a single man.
DPFanatics (Anal fmm DP) P-V Tube300
Appearance 2 3 Nude 2 Oral 2 3 4 5 6 7 Vaginal 2 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7 Gape 2 3 4 DP 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Finish

Jailbird Kayla Green is a really bad girl! Even behind the bars, she doesn't seem to be able to calm down, and the lucky victim of her endless desires is Prison Guard Toby (well, until his boss finds out, at least). Tomy uses his 'rod' to discipline the girl's naughty pussy and try to cool down her lust in this lovely hardcore prison scene.
Pix and Video (Anal 1:1) P-V Tube300
Appearance 2 3 4 Nude 2 3 Oral 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Vaginal 2 3 4 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7 Gape 2 Finish

WAM Reg. in Spain shot in Hungary
as Kayla Green
Kayla Green became very happy when we told her that we were going to break her precious ass. She gets horny only by thinking about it. She loves anal sex. It's very easy for her to cum and she can even do it several times, but only when she has a cock inside her pussy. Kayla Green loves to live anal experiences.
BreakingAss (Anal 100% 1:1)P V

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21Sextreme Network Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Russia
as Kayla Green
DominatedGirls (Vaginal 2:2 BDSM) P-V Tube300

TeachMeFisting (Vaginal lez fisting) P-V Tube300

TeachMeFisting (Vaginal lez fisting) P-V Tube300

WAM Reg. in Spain shot in Hungary
as Kayla Green
CumLouder (Vaginal 1:1) P-V

CumLouder (Vaginal 1:1) P V

DDF Reg. and shot in Hungary
as Kayla Green
HouseOfTaboo (Solo BDSM) P P-V

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