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 Birthday: March 7,
 Weight: 50kg
 Height: 165cm
 Hair color: Blonde
 Eye color: Grey
 Bra cup size: A
 Tattoos: No
 Piercings: Navel

Malia is a Russian extreme fuckdoll serves by all her three holes since 2007.

New! Uploaded or added her anal galleries in March, 2013

 FerroNetwork Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
as Barbara
Flirty babe with no panties under her dress gets an easy prey for anal sex
(Anal 100% 1:1) P Va Vb
Black-stockinged chick with a tasty booty gets it crammed hard after oral
(Anal 1:1) P Va Vb
Pink wearing hottie gets her yummy bottom groped and nailed after a blowjob
(Anal 1:1) P Va Vb

 Her ass fucking sites and galleries:

 21Sextury Prod. Reg. in Gibraltal, shot in Russia
 as Malia
 When you have a beautiful girl by your side, and one that's particularly horny, it's always a good idea to make love to her before heading out to a party. Malia's boyfriend is aware of this and decides to really give it to his young Russian beauty before their big party night out! She wants it so bad, well, she'll get her hot ride for a night to remember...!
Anal 1:1) P-V3
Appearance 2 Nude Genital 2 Oral 2 3 4 5 6 7 Vaginal 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Anal 2 3 4 5
 Gape 2 3 Finis

Malia and Oliver both learn in the university. Learning can be soul-draining, and tiresome, so it is just natural that the body and mind requires some relaxation from time to time. Luckily for the like-minded couple, they have each other to pass the time with… for example, with a decent, fulfilling ass-fuck, which really helps to refresh the mind.
Anal 1:1) P-V2
 Appearance 2 Nudel Oral 2 3 Vaginal 2 3 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Gape 2 Finish

Dima knows how to get into a girl's panties. First a gentle massage, a few tender compliments. Then the hands wander deeper, to the round curve of the ass and when the girl turned on enough, it is anything goes. Beautiful young Malia is a good partner, she holds no limit when her lust drives her, and she really loves when Dima's big cock slides into her tight asshole.
 AnalTeenAngelsAnal) P-V1
Appearance 2 Oral 2 3 4 Vaginal 2 3 4 5 6 7 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7 Gape 2 3 Finish

 Hey guys look what we have got here for you! Malia is a cute pigtailed barely legal honeyboo! Would you think of her at first sight that her teen anus is capable of receiving a monster cock? Well if not then check out this fantastic scene and let your jaws drop! This young whore is just an anal trash queen already!
 GapeLand (Anal 1:1) P-V P Tube180

 Lisa's curious fingers find every tender, sensitive parts on Malia's sexy body, making the other girl wet and horny. Malia pays for Lisa's curiosity in kind, which leads to a heated, passionate embrance in no time. Of course the two girls won't forget you in the meantime, making sure that you know well that this game is for you and you only!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V10 Tube180

 The two lovely lesbian cuties, the tattooed bad girl Netta and sweet daddy’s girl Malia want to taste one another’s honey and warm asshole. After some rock-paper-scissor they decide who starts to pleasure the other, but licking order and priorities quickly become unimportant when the two young babes warm into the lesbian games.
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V9 Tube180

 Amongst all the girls she has met, Asian beauties stir up Malia’s attention the most. Her friends told us that since she met with the hot little oriental, Yiki, Malia cannot hook off from her. They spend all their time together, in private, and focus all their attention on each others’ pussy, tirelessly caressing them from one orgasm to another.
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V8 Tube180

 Alltogether now... in Wonderland! This magic place is more like a haven for lesbian lovers... Just follow Malia and Lizzie, the two playful nubiles who indulge in long, wet kisses, lustful pussy-licking and yes, they even finger each other's tight assholes! Sounds like Wonderland... told ya!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V7 Tube180

 Malia and Teena are not your typical 'bookworms'. They are beautiful, they are sensual and they are both lesbians. They cannot spend too much time next to each other without any of them growing an appetite for their lover's pussy. This time Teena is the one starting, and after Malia licks her pussy wet, she wants to pleasure her love in return... “Sit on my face, please!” she whispers and everything else is history...
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V6 Tube180

 Malia and Mariah are fashion addicts. They show their sunglasses to each other, talking about fashion. But soon the common giggles turn into somewhat more intimate. Soon the clothes get stripped away, and the two girls tangle into a hot, passionate, pussy-eating lesbian love. Do they do it because it is fashionable? We doubt so.
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V5 New!

 Lesbian cuties, Malia and Hailey dragged us into their bedroom to show us something kinky. Of course we couldn't resist to those puppy eyes and followed them, just to be pushed into the nearest chair. Then the two teenagers showed us what was exactly in their mind when they invited us to their room. It was something special, that's for sure.
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V4 P4 V4

 Malia had a boring day until her friend, Bethsabe shows up. From this moment forward things turn cheerful, exciting and... kinky. The touch of another girl means a lot to Malia, and luckily for her, Bethsabe is very open for some lesbian fun. A friendly pussy licking, some slender fingers inside pussies and some wet orgasms is all cool with these girls
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V3a P-V3b V3

 Karlie and Malia are best friends and they love to sleep over at each other's houses. They are actually more than friends, and they think its so lucky that their parents actually encourage them to be together - they never have to worry about sneaking around with guys! Plus they know how to tenderly lick and caress each other in all the places where they are sure to get off!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V2

 Sweet Lana had a date with her boyfriend at the boy's house but when she arrived he wasn't at home yet only his sister Malia. As the two young ladies were sitting in front of each other in the living room they noticed that both of them were gazing the other. Soon they rushed to kiss each other and have a little fun together before the boy arrives. So after the long passionate kisses they started to fuck each other's cute teen pussies and asses with Malia's huge red rod!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V1

 Sometimes a girl who's a little older can teach the younger one a few new tricks, that's why Lala is going to do some crazy lez plays with Malia. Malia's really eager to learn and get some serious pleasure from Lala who's not only a hot babe, she knows what she likes and she's going to give all that to her friend Malia, who's never going to forget all that pleasure!
 LetsPlayLez (Anal lez) P-V Tube180

 If you are alone, horny, and in serious need of a helping hand to satisfy your anal needs, the anal fairy will help you out. This time Malia is the fairy who helps out Alysa in her distress. Already wearing her red outfit (anal plug included), and she is ready for action, whatever it involves. Let it be ass-licking or a drink offered from the asshole, the anal fairy is your friend.
 AnalQueenAlysa (Anal lez) P-V1a P-V1b V1 Tube180
 It is just a call you need t have the best (or shall we say b-ass-t) anal service available. In her exotic red outfit, Malia is ready to fulfill Alysa's every wish. After mutually baring each others' body, the two girls warm up with some pussy licking, just to change the momentum and turn wild. With huge dildos in their ass the babes seem to be more in their element, and they won't even stop to a satisfying end.
 AnalQueenAlysa (Anal lez) P-V2a P-V2b V2 

 Malia and Lisa are living in the same rental. They share the rent, their food and their free time, which they usually spend with mindless sex. These girls are far from unsatisfied, because they tend each others' cunts and asses so often, that one could wonder how do they find the time for anything else.
 AnalQueenAlysa (Anal lez) P-V3a P-V3b V3 

 Apart from the fact that Malia is one of our all-time favorites, we like to shoot with her for this simple reason: this chick loves to show off her tight body! And it's not just showing off, she loves to touch herself in front of our camera, and just watch as she smiles while stuffing her holes with a clear acrylic dildo... Unforgettable!
 CutiesGalore (Anal solo) P-V6

 Malia will surely put a smile on your face with her cute face and glowing eyes. Always looking for fun, whether it be sexual or just goofing around, this lively babe is feeling horny today so you are in for a real naughty treat as she slowly removes her sheer leggings and gets naked, showing off her tight body and pert titties, before getting down to some masturbation just for you!
 CutiesGalore (Anal solo) P-V5

 CutiesGalore (Anal solo) P-V4

 Our cutie for today will be Malia. We are quite sure that many of you know her by now, and this is not a coincidence. Malia earner herself a reputation with her shy smile, her lovely, tight body, her cute, perky tits fitting just right into the palm, her always burning pussy and with her tight asshole. Today, she will show them all… only for you.
 CutiesGalore (Anal solo) P-V3

 Next door cutie Malia is not a shy girl. She doesn't make a big fuss about dropping her clothes and pose naked for the camera. What more, she doesn't even mind if the film keeps rolling while she grabs her big toy and start to masturbate with it. We are pretty sure that secretly she loves all the attention.
 CutiesGalore (Anal solo) P-V2 P2 V2

 Attention all pussy lovers! After a long time we present you another scene with a gorgeous teen using a speculum! We know that you were anticipating this for a long time so we chose a really cute a nasty princess to star for you in this one. Malia has absolutely drop-dead gorgeous nice curves and an adorable young pussy which she would love to show you in close-up and with a speculum in it on maximum stretch!
 CutiesGalore (Anal solo) P-V1 P1 V1

 GG Prod. Reg. in UK, Italian prod., shot in Russia
 as Jennifer
 GiorgioGrandi (Anal 1:1) P V

 RussianTeenObsession (Anal 1:1) P V

 TeenCoreClub Reg. in Finland, shot in Russia
 as April
 April was such an innocent young thing before she got her first extreme sex encounter! He fucked her throat until she choked down his cock and then stuffed it in her virgin asshole! She was cuffed at the feet and made to be his little slave as he used her like the fuck toy that she is! Little April will never be the same after her naughty escapade!
(Anal+BDSM) Pa Pb Va Vb
Appearance Nude 2 3 Genital Oral 23 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Vaginal 2 3 4 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7
 Gape 2 3 4 Finish

April looked so cute in her little schoolgirl skirt, but it looked even hotter when it was hiked up around her waist! She loves to suck a big cock and then bend over for some nasty anal sex action! She got her hole probed by his big beef stick until she was gaping wide. Then April took a great big load of his jizz all over her face!
(Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Va Vb
Appearance Oral 2 Vaginal 2 3  Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Gape Finish

 April got busy and spread her cheeks for the big cock that was going to penetrate her ass! She rode on top of his big cock that was stuffed in her asshole and he plunged his dick into her ass in every positions! Then little April took the cock that was just in her ass right down her throat and licked him clean until he came in her mouth!
 AssTeenMouth (ATM) Pa Pb Va Vb

 April's first ass fucking was caught on camera! She had a tight little hole that he could barely squeeze his cock inside of! But April managed to take it all, and she got an ass fucking like never before! After it all, she had a gaping wide asshole while he pumped his load of cum on her!
 TryTeens (1:1) Pa Pb Va Vb
 Cum squirting April got her asshole filled up with jizz but first she was probed deeply inside the tight hole! April spread her legs open and accepted his big cock in her tight snatch first before finally getting rammed in the ass! He gave her such a hard fucking tha her asshole was stretched out gaping wide!
 GirlsGotCream (Anal creampie) Pa Pb Va Vb
 April had more than she could handle when she had two big cocks in each hand! She stroked them and swallowed until they were both hard enough for penetration. Then while April had one cock in her mouth, she took another one in her pussy from behind. Eventually both guys penetrated her at once as she had one in each hole! April got double fucked until she swallowed their cum loads!
 DoubleTeamedTeens (DP) Pa Pb Va Vb

 Cute little April in pigtails was the beautifully sexy little teen who was going to get her asshole penetrated. She sucked on his big cock and lubed him up for a good anal fucking. He grabbed the anal lube and started working on her tight little virgin asshole. He fucked her nice and hard until she was left with a gaping wide hole!
 MakeTeensGape (+ass gaping) Pa Pb Va Vb

 April has a tight little asshole that is barely penetrable but she definitely got it penetrated as she rode on top of him with his cock buried in her ass! She bounced on top of his huge meat as he was stuffed deep within her anal walls. Then she sucked him dry as she took an ass to mouth fucking and milked the jizz from his cock!
 AnalyzedGirls (Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Va Vb

 Naughty April poured some honey on her man's ass and licked every drop of it from his cornhole! Then she gave him a deepthroat blowjob as he plunged his cock right down her throat. April then took a good fucking from him in both of her holes, including her tight asshole! Then she swallowed his thick stream of cum in her mouth.
 CleanMyAss P1 V1  P2 V2 P3 V3 P4 V4

 FAQ Network Reg. and shot in Russia
 as Sarah
 After adding some incredible updates we let our actor to take a ‘night off’ and he went to the bar. When he came back to the hotel he was a mess and couldn’t say a word. He woke up past noon and we had a surprise for him. A lusty housemaid was cleaning the room and she couldn’t take her eyes of his boner while he was sleeping. She agreed to wait till he wakes up and take a closer look at his tool and try it in action. At first he couldn’t understand what this cute babe was doing there but when he caught her eyes he understood everything. You gotta do what you gotta do! Work again! Lusty chick didn’t waste any time and grabbed his cock firmly. She jerked it and passionately licked his balls. Then she took off her maid suit and her pink twat was already dripping wet. Our actor bent her on the couch with her amazing round butt sticking up in the air and started to penetrate her tight anal aperture with his monster cock. Even though he had a hangover he gave that bitch an incredible drill!
 FirstAnalQuest (Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Pc Pd Va Vb Vc Vd Ve Vf

 This beautiful teen babe started her casting really shy, but as her shaved pussy went wetter, her hunger for a thick cock grew stronger and after giving out a killer blowjob she couldn’t resist letting our actor to penetrate her sweet and tiny bottom hole and stretch it to the limit!
 DoubleViewCasting (Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Pc Pd Va Vb Vc Vd

 XTeenCash Reg. in The Netherlands, shot in Russia
 as Anni
 Love watching lovely teen sluts getting fucked in their tight pussies? Or you enjoy lesbian action between young sluts? Or you want to see a passionate solo play in front of the camera? Here you will find it all, and we have the hottest teen bitches spreading their young legs wide open for your entertainment and pleasure!
 EuroTeenMovs (Anal 1:1) P1 nexc

  These teens are wayting for a hard cock to stretch their tight pussies, because they are hungry for hardcore fucking and will gladly show you how they like to get it on right in front of the camera. Enjoy the most fuckable teen sluts being drilled in all of their tight holes and enjoying every second of this teen pussy fucking frenzy.
 EuroTeenMovs (Anal 1:1) V2

 Royal Network Reg. in Cyprus, shot in Russia
 as Anni
 Seems that this teen cutie has just arrived from her school. She is hot, really hot. And she knows already what she will do in next 30 minutes. She will offer her round bum for a hard anal penetration and then she will eat her boyfriend's tasty jism shooting all over her face and mouth!
 TeenSexMovs (Anal 1:1) P Va Vb

 This sweetie has never felt an orgasm longer than 5 seconds...Poor girl... Our guy now will teach this teen hottie how to get pleasure having a huge dildo, a special electric device, man's hands and huge cock. She will never forget this crazy fucking action!
 SquirtingVirgin (Anal 1:1) P Va Vb 

 I think that there is no man who doesn't want to hire such a beautiful homemaid. Anni looks really great in her sexy garment, and it seems that her ass is ready for some good treatment. Well, let's see how this hottie is performing her duties. Her mouth knows his business well, and her pussy and arsehole are waiting for rough penetration. Beauty angel is at work!
 BeautyAngeles (Anal 1:1) ref-v ref-a ref-t P Va Vb

 as Sashenka
 Damn I absolutely adore stupid teen girls who have no idea what is going on. Sashenka is the type of girl who will invite guys over she just met because she is bored. Well these two guys had a surprise in store for her; both of their cocks stuffed deep inside her well oiled tight teen pussy! She wasn�t sure what to make of these guys when they started to remove her clothes but it didn�t take very long for her to enjoy it! This barely legal teen is cute as hell, has a really perky sets of titties and an amazing bald pussy!
 Teens3Some (DP) ref-v ref-a ref-t

 Everest Network Reg. in USA, shot in Russia 
 as Anni
 Anni stands in front of us in her black satin French maid dress with white lace trim and the teen blonde is perfectly beautiful. She has solo toy sex in her asshole and then we fast forward to her cleaning while a guy rests on the couch. She wants some of what lies beneath that blanket and in that outfit it doesn’t take him long to get hard. She gives a great BJ and he soon stands her up, pushes her against the wall, and slides his big cock into her from behind. He bangs the fresh little French maid hard and she is gleeful. Later she’s down to just her stockings and they continue to run through sexual positions. She rides him with the camera close to her ass but perhaps the best part is when she gets on her knees on the couch and he fucks her asshole from behind.
 SmackMyBitch (Anal 1:1) P-V2 P

 Towards the beginning of the video you see the schoolgirl slut Anni on her hands and knees with a big dick in her mouth. She’s in her skirt and her hair is in pigtails and she looks like a cock hungry slut that would do anything to make a man feel good. As it turns out that’s totally true and she feasts on his boner in anticipation of the anal sex he’s going to give her. He takes the schoolgirl slut from behind and his big cock drills her butt deep as the lady moans and groans loudly. She feels incredible pleasure and looks cute in her sneakers. He has a big cock and sometimes when he pulls out her asshole gapes open a little. Fucking hot! He blows his load on her tongue after she gives him a BJ and sucks his balls.
 SmackMyBitch (Anal 1:1) P-V1 P 

 Serious Partners Netwok Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
 as Jennifer
 When a sweet and beautiful chick is going boating with three young guys she should definitely expect something really kinky and hot from them. Sveta doesn’t seem to be a touch-me-not and she proves it by the actions! Her nice natural titties very quickly appear to be naked excitingly and naughtily winking at the rock hard guys whose peckers throb from impatience to jump into this teaser’s mouth! Oh mine! These pervs start fucking right in the boat paying no attention on people staring at them from the coast and from other boats and then they find a quiet place where the hungry babe finally gets some stiff stuff in both holes and loudly screams from passion when all three rods explode on her body!
 HardFuckTales (Anal/DP fmmm) P-Va P-Vb P-Vc 

 Ferro Network Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
 as Barbara
 AnalSaga (Anal 1:1) P1 V2 
 AnalSaga (Anal 1:1) P2 V2 P-V2 
 AnalSaga (Anal 1:1) P3 V3 
 AnalPantyHose (Anal 1:1) P3a P3b P3c
 AnalPantyHose (Anal 1:1) P2a V2
 AnalPantyHose (Anal 1:1) P1a P1b P1c P1d

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 ModelMax Reg. in Latvia, shot in Russia
 as No individual naming

 DdeepThroatNewbies (anal)
 DPNewbies (dp)

 Non anal galleries:

TeenCoreClub Reg. in Finland, shot in Russia
 as April
WhiteTeensBlackCock (Interracial) Pa Pb Va Vb
YoungThroats (DT) P1a P1b V1a V1b P2a P2b V2a V2b

GG Prod. Reg. in UK, Italian prod., shot in Russia
 as Jennifer
 Dildo&Fisting (Self vaginal toy) P V
GapesInP.o.v. (Throat) P V

 Joachim Kessef Reg. in France, shot in Russia
 as Jenifere
 CreampieSide (Vaginal creampie) P V

 Royal Network Reg. in Cyprus, shot in Russia
 as Anni
TrickyMasseur (Vaginal 1:1) P Va Vb

 DMN Network Reg. in UK, shot in Russia
 as Joyce
 18VirginSex (Vaginal 1:1) Pa Pb Va Vb Vc
 SpoiledVirgins (Vaginal fmm) Pa Pb Va Vb Vc
 TrickyOldTeacher (Vaginal old-young) Pa Pb Va Vb Vc


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