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Birthday: March 15, 1995
Weight: 58kg
Height: 160cm
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Grey
Bra cup size: 34DD-26-38
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None

Newly added in January 2015:

Russian beauty Marina Visconti's amazing, huge natural boobs are a sight to behold and she confesses that she likes a big cock between them! Her idea of punishment is motor-boating with them, which is sure to have you all ready to misbehave! Manuel Ferrara is definitely a fan of them, to, diving right into them, putting them in his mouth before going down on Marina and sliding a finger in her ass. When he pulls out thew huge cock that Marina has heard about from friends, she stuffs it right into her mouth! When it's nice and lubed up, Manuel slides his monster cock between her huge tits. There aren't enough words in any language to describe the fucking that Manuel gives her!
HardX (Anal vaginal 1:1) P Tube120
DVD: Marina Visconti in stacked 2

FYC Reg. and shot in USA
as Marina Visconti
CastingCouchX (Anal vaginal 1:1) P V

DDF Reg. and shot in Hungary
as Marina Visconti
Marina Visconti is a very unconventional physician, and we bring you the proof today as she applies her Hippocratic Hooter Technique to put a smile on the face of depressed patient Choky Ice—as well as hardness in his schlong! Yes, Marina Visconti, M.D. (Mammary Delight) opens up her uniform to display a shockingly red boulder-holder which immediately gets a rise out of her patient. The sight of her 34D cleavage obviously has an immediate rigidifying effect on his rod, as well as the rods of us onlookers in cyberland! A scene like this lends itself to many daydreams! For example, if you like the cuckold concept, you can pretend Marina is your hard-working physician girlfriend or wife, and that she is letting her most attractive patient cram her clam and plow her knobs, not to mention stuffing her seat with his pulsing meat! Or you’re more mainstream in your desires, let Choky simply be your proxy as he boffs this seductive Russian sawbones in cowgirl and doggie style, until he finally must unleash his sauce where it’ll do the most good for us admirers of big breast action: right between Marina’s glands, making her cleavage shimmer so becomingly with goo!
DDFBusty (Anal vaginal 1:1) P P-V


MindGeek Reg. in Canada, shot in Hungary
as Marina Visconti

BigNaturals (Anal vaginal 1:1) P-V Tube240

Her ass fucking sites and galleries:

21Sextury, Reg. in ibraltar, sghot in Hungary
as Marina Visconti

 Victor needs a nurse, quick, because he has a painful hardon! Nurse Marina Visconti arrives to the rescue, and being a professional, she throws herself into the task to solve the emergency. Using her soft lips, big tits and wet cunt, Marina quickly overcomes the obstacles, but she doesn't stop until the job is fully done!
Pix&Video (Anal 1:1) P P-V Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish 

One of Marina Visconti's favorite way to pass time to seduce guys in the bars to have some fun. Today she has a big catch, finding not one, but two horny men for some hot entertainment. Csoky, the mixer and his friend, Zack, decide to put the girl into party, fucking the busty babe through both holes at the same time.
DPFanatics (Anal fmm DP) P-V Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish 

21Sextury, Reg. in ibraltar, sghot in Russia
as Marina Visconti
Busty executive slut Marina Visconti gets everything she points at or wish for. So it was really time to show her how it is to be on the other end of the 'food-chain'. The bitchy businesswoman with her big tits now get the fucking of her life, right into her tight asshole, and that makes her cum like never before, wanting, begging for more.
Gapeland (Anal 1:1) P-V Tube300
Appearance 2 3 Nude 2 3 Genital 2 Toying Oral 2 3 4 Vaginal 2 Anal 2 3 Gape 2 Finish

DEV8 Reg. in Brit. Virgine Isl. shot in Hungary
as Marina Visconti
Busty Marina Visconti is back for some more bit tit anal fun. Big boobs, big gapes and a huge titty cumshot. 
PrimeCup (Anal 1:1 tit-fuck) P V 

This big natural tit 18 year old babe gets ass fucked as her breasts jiggle all over. Desert is a load of cum.
AssTraffic (Anal 1:1) P V Tube300

MindGeek Reg. in Canada, shot in Hungary
as Marina Visconti

 Marina Visconti, the ravishing Russian, was in the kitchen making a salad. The bottle of olive oil was just begging to be poured over her 36DD's. The oil dripped, as Marina slowly rubbed it in. Jessy walked in to bear witness and was ready to make his own salad using his cock and Marina's tits, mouth, pussy, and ass as ingredients. Marina was more than happy to oblige him, as she deep-throated his cock and had her pussy and ass pounded proper. She also got a taste of Jessy's creamy dressing on her face and tits.
(Anal 1:1) P-V Tube240

Marina came to have a good time. She started off by showering and displaying that voluptuous body. Marina had huge juicy jugs and a luscious ass. She got all soaped up and looked amazing. Then Choky and Renato joined the party, and she sucked on those cocks while getting her pussy munched on. Marina got her pussy and asshole pounded, as her huge tits bounced around. She got double penetrated and she loved every second of it. Marina finished with man juice all over her.
EuroSexParties (Anal fmm DP) P-V Tube240
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

Danny D was on vacation with his girlfriend, trying to get a picture of the two of them in front of a nice painting. His arms weren't long enough, so he asked some random dude to take the picture for him, not realizing that he just so happened to be a Brazzers director! Our man got right to work, replacing Danny's girlfriend with a busty babe named Marina Visconti, and telling her to get on her knees and suck Danny's big dick. She sucked and fucked Danny's dong, big natural tits bouncing hypnotically as she rode her way to an intense orgasm. Danny even fucked that sexy slut's tight ass, pounding every one of her holes and then blowing a huge jizz load all over her face and tits!
Brazzers (Anal 1:1) P-V

Danny D's sister has a Russian exchange student at their place, a busty babe named Marina Visconti, and Danny is determined to use this chance to test out his theory that all foreign girls are wild about dick. Danny's sister tries to warn Marina to stay away from him, but the Russian slut just can't help herself. She heads down to Danny's room in the basement and straight up tells him that she wants his dick! She sucks and fucks his fat cock, and her big natural tits bounce as he pounds her tight Russian pussy. A nice deep dicking in her mouth and twat isn't enough for a slut like Marina, though, so Danny goes balls deep in her tight little asshole until he's ready to bust a fat nut all over her pretty face!
Brazzers (Anal 1:1) P-V

FAQ Reg. and shot in Russia
as Marina
The big bust is what makes this charming babe special to us. It is like her calling card, and there is nothing you could do, but stare at those ripe knockers. But the biggest surprise is that this is not her only advantage. She blows like hell and is always enthusiastic about having an epic banging. To sum it up - her sex partners are always happy. Today Marina is having a wonderful mood for taking part in filming an anal sex scene in our studio, and we promise you that this is awesome. Her tight ass is not prepared for that kind of encounter, so the guy works it out with two fingers, twisting it deeper clockwise and then counter-clockwise. After the striking prelude both of them get the most exciting feelings about the anal sex. Marina's partner ends their meeting with shooting sperm on her chubby boobies and pretty face.
FirstAnalQuest (Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Pc Pd Va Vb Vc Vd Ve

DDF Reg. and shot in Hungary
as Marina Visconti 
Brunette Marina Visconti from Russia and raven-tressed Chrissy from Hungary work with Mugur to put up some wallpaper, but when he goes out of the room they can’t help but get distracted by their evenly matched 34D breasts! They suck and rub those big natural boobs, and when Mugur returns he gets into the act as well, caressing their knockers with a brush. He nurses on Chrissy’s nipple while Marina strokes his cock, and then a few minutes later he tit-fucks Chrissy while the two of them inhale Marina’s nips in these nude pics and Full HD video. He gets the girls down on their knees to worship his dick, and then puts Chrissy in the doggie position...
DDFBusty (Anal ffm) P P-V

WAM Reg. in Spain, shot in Russia
as Marina Visconti 

 She's only 18 and has been in porn for less than four months, but it seems like Marina Visconti is trying to beat a record. She wants to shoot the biggest amount of anal scenes in the shortest time possible. In CumLouder we want to help her to meet her goal so we're gonna leave her in Nick Moreno's hands so he can put his torpedo at the service of the hunt of the red anus.
CumLouder (Anal 1:1) P V
as Marina Visconti
Marina hears that Kink is in town and special orders a rough fantasy from our Russian Crew of Rough Hard Dicks! She gets just what she asks for!!! Double Penetration, Throat Fucking, Man Handling, ANAL Pounding, and more.
How will Marina ever be the same? this only her 2nd scene EVER. There's no going back from here...

HardCoreGangBang (Anal Group-sex 1:5 DP) P V

Karak Reg. in UK, shot in Russia
as Marina Visconti
WakeUp-n-Fuck (Anal 1:1) V

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21Sextury, Reg. in ibraltar, sghot in Hungary
as Marina Visconti

Pix&Video (Vaginal 1:1) P-V Tube300

DEV8 Reg. in Brit. Virgine Isl. shot in Hungary
as Marina Visconti
PrimeCup (Vaginal 1:1 tit-fuck) P-V Tube300

MindGeek Reg. in Canada, shot in Hungary
as Marina Visconti

EuroSexParties (Vaginal fmm) P-V Tube240

BigNaturals (Vaginal 1:1) P-V Tube240

Mike'sApartment (Vaginal 1:1) P-V Tube240

Royal SS Reg. in Cyprus, shot in Russia
as Sheila
BeautyAngels (Vaginal finger solo) P Va Vb

TrickyMasseur (Vaginal 1:1) P Va Vb

DDF Reg. and shot in Hungary
as Marina Visconti
DDFBusty P P-V

DDFBusty (Vaginal ffm) P P-V

OnlyBlowJob (Oral ) P V

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