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Also named:
Inga D, Lily, Lita, Olga, Simona, Ulianka, Valla, Veronica

 Weight: kg
 Height: cm
 Hair color:
 Eye color:
 Bra cup size:

 Mia debut to the Russian hardcore in 2008.

 Her ass fucking sites and galleries:

 TeenCoreClub  Reg. in Finland, shotin Russia
 as Lita
 Lita is a hot teen who loves to take a huge dick in her tight ass hole which leaves it a gaping wide hole. She then likes to take the huge cock into her slutty mouth so much that she gags on it and has her black eye make up rolling down her face from the tears. This slut just loves to take the dick in her ass and then get it in the mouth afterward!
 AssTeenMouth P1a P1b V1a V1b

 What a hotty Lita is with her pigtails and gorgeous teen body! She was horny and eager to get down to business with these guys. She swallowed both of their cocks until she choked and was covered in spit! Then Lita demanded a hard fucking from both of them. At one point, she got both holes plugged in a double penetration until she took both of their cumshots!
 DoubleTeamedTeens P1a P1b V1a V1b

 Lita came into the office with a big wad of cash and she wanted to get her asshole stretched wide open! I was only happy to oblige her dream! So I took one of my best dildos and worked it inside her tight hole, stretching the muscle open wide. After her sphincter was ready and willing for me, Lita took my cock rammed into her asshole until she was left with a gaping wide hole!
 TeachMyAss P1a P1b V1a V1b

 Lita is a little honey who is in need of a good fucking! This pigtailed cutie is seen sucking dick and and then eventually taking his hard rod in her pussy. Lita's pigtails were used as handle bars as she rode that dick! He even fucked her in the ass for a big and then dropped his load of spunk into her tight asshole that came oozing out.
 TryTeens P1a P1b V1a V1b 

 X-CoreClub Reg. in The Netherland, shot in Russia
 as Mia
 Judging by her tattoo and erotic piercings, Mia has an alternative streak. She may not be Goth, but she's a teasingly devilish rebel who won't be satisfied by only having her pussy speared. Just like the teen deviant she is, she wants the full-throttle thrill and that's exactly what she gets in her throat, her twat, and her tight little ass too.
 SpearMyPussy P-Va P-Vb Pa Pb Va Vb

 It looks like Mia wants to be a California slut. It's easy to picture this cutie blading through Venice Beach, especially in the hot little outfit she's wearing. However, judging by the exquisite pleasure she encounters from a big green vibe and a huge thick dick, it's more likely we'll be seeing this steamy little number at the porn awards!
 DrilledSweeties.com P-V Pa Pb Va Vb

 Skinny chicks get a bad rap, but in this case it's just what the porn doctor ordered! Mia loves rap, so we thought we'd get her in the game and offer her a chance to make her own hardcore record. We threw her a black boner and the bitch went right freaky on it. She throated our man's flute and that was enough to drive his drum stick rapping her sweet honky ass.
 TeenWantsBlack P-V Pa Pb Va Vb Vc

 When you first see Mia in her nylons, she might strike you as teasingly innocent. However, any chick with erotic piercings has to be a little wild. In fact, there are very few things that this babe won't do. She's really as mad as a hatter, although what she's crazy for is a meaty dick. She loves her pussy slammed, loves her ass rammed, loves tea-bagging balls, and you'll definitely love her!
 NylonSpunkJunkies P-V Pa Pb Va Vb Vc

 PayServe Network as Jessica Reg. in The Netherlands, shot in Russia
 as Mila
 ClubSeventeen P

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 GG Prod. Reg. in UK, Italian prod., shot in Russia  

 Everest Network  Reg. in USA, shot in Russia

 DMN Network  Reg. in UK, shot in Russia

 FAQ Network  Reg. and shot in Russia

 ModelMax Network  Reg. in Latvia, shot in Russia

 Joachim Kessef  Reg. in France, shot in Russia

 adultlabs.com (anal)
 smoothskinnedangels.com (anal)
 smoothskinnedsex.com (anal)
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 Non anal sites:

 TeenCoreClub Reg. in Finland, shotin Russia
 as Lita
 WhiteTeensBlackCock  P1a P1b V1a V1b (Vaginal/interracial)
 YoungThroats P1a P1b V1a V1b (Throat fucking)

 DMN Network  Reg. in UK, shot in Russia

 SeriousPartners  Reg. in USA, shot in Russia

 Tony Network  Reg. in USA, shot in Russia

 FC Network  Reg. in USA, shot in Russia


 hometoyteens.com (solo)
 hornythroats.com (bj)
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