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Andi, Bianca, Dora, Jessie Brown, Jessy Brown, Jessy C, Katrina, Nadija, Nastya, Nesti, Rosemary Moyer, Sarah, Suzanna, Yana
 Birthday: August 13, 1985 (Acc to DDF January 22, 1989
 Weight: 48 kg
 Height 168 cm (ass to DDF 157cm
 Hair color: Brown
 Eye color: Brown (Gray)
 Bra cup size: A
 Tattoos:  -
 Piercings: -
 Nastie debute at the end of 2009.

Newly added or uploaded in June 2012

 21SexturyProd. Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Russia
 as Nastie
 The blonde teenager cock lover, Nastie, being true to her name, is nasty again. She seduces Thommy into an intense anal session, and we are pretty sure she wouldn't make her daddy proud with the amazing show she gives right there. But both youngster seems to be enjoying their time together... as much as we enjoy to watch it.
 AnalTeenAngelsAnal 1:1 creampie) P-V4
 Appearance 2 Oral 2 3 4 5 6  Vaginal 2 3 4 5 6 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Gape 2 3
Creampie 2 3 

 Oh, our sweet little Nastie almost starts to purr when she sees Eriksen munching on her body with such a delight. There is no better compliment than an erect cock, and we all know Nastie takes these kind of compliments happily and quite regularly, especially if the mentioned cock slides up deep into her hot asshole.
 AnalTeenAngelsAnal 1:1 interracial) P-V3
 Appearance 2 Oral 2 3 4 5 Vaginal 2 3 4 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 Gape Finish

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 21SexturyProd. Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Russia
 as Nastie
 Nastie and Timo Hardy were about to have sex. Timo suggested Nastie to put on a blindfold to make things more exciting. However Oliver Strelly also arrived, and started pumping Nastie's teen cunt. When Nastie found out that someone else was fucking her she just laughed and suggested they all get involved in some hot anal DP action...
 AnalTeenAngeles (DP) P-V1 Pa Pb Pc Va Vb

 Lioness and Nastie decided to please Oliver Strelly by letting him fuck their young little asses in a steamy threesome scene. This way Lioness and Nastie could also let their lesbian desires loose. Watch the two gorgeous babes as their tight assholes get penetrated and as they munch and nimble each other's smooth asses...
 AnalTeenAngeles (Anal ffm) P-V2

 Nastie is in control. She is well aware what string to pull at which girl to make her horny and cum with pleasure. Right now she has the mood to pleasure and use pretty little Karlie and she don’t hesitate to use her voluptuous body, swift tongue, and a nice strap-on dildo to achieve her goal. Karlie’s pleasures moans are good indicators of her success.
 AnalQueenAlysa (Anal lez)  P-V1 P1 V1

 Nastie knows that Alysa lives and dies for anal pleasuring. She learnt earlier how wet her friend turns and how hard she cums when someone bangs her sexy asshole. So Nastie decides to check out if she can make her orgasm even harder than before, using all kind of tools and her impressive skills to work Alysa’s bum over
 AnalQueenAlysa (Anal lez) P-V2 P2 V2

 Nastie want to pull her new friend, Dominica into her own lesbian dreams, and apparently the sexy blonde won't resist to the temptation. She lets the slender blonde beauty lead her into the deepest lesbian ecstasy, what more, she even puts her own share into the bucket of tasteful lesbian romance.
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V9 New!

 My girlfriend calls herself a makeup geek, she loves all things makeup and haircare. When I visited her last time, she offered to create me a hairdo that only real celebrities rock. Well, she ended up doing my tight ass with a jelly dong - but I didn't complained! ;)
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V8 New!

 Nastie's new lesbian friend, Tonya has strong, agile hands, which serves their purpose in this relationship quite often... in one way or another. Sometimes they give a nice, relaxing massage, in other times they slide deep into Nastie's ass and pussy, rubbing the slender girl into numerous orgasms. We are lucky, because we can see both methods in the same time.
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V7 New!

 Lesbian lovers, the sweet Nastie and Seren love to put their kinky games on a whole new level. Giving a tongue, a toy, or a few fingers is so last year for them. They want to do it a bit more wildly. For instance, a slender fist in the ass can be really arousing for both girls… so why don’t do that? Well, they do exactly that and they love it!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V6 New!

 Willa and Nastie read a fashion magazine together, and chit-chat about dresses, apparently trying to figure out, which attire would be the best for the next summer. But measuring the other gives them other kind of ideas... one which doesn't involve too much attire. Instead, it involves wiggling tongues and playful fingers.
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V5

 Romana has never been with a girl before, although she was interested in them as long as she can remember. Finally she found the dare to meet with a lovely girl, Nastie, who offers her to lead the lesbo-virgin into the arts of female loving. Nastie is a very good and tender teacher, but it seems Romana has everything in her.
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V4 

 We caught two of our honey-sweet girls, Lizzie and Nastie, spending their day together, and as usual, up to something naughty. We asked them to ignore us, and they did, focusing their attention merely on each other. The camera was rolling while the two cute babes was busy pleasuring their partner's lovely teenage body, both with tongues and their kinky toys.
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V3 

 Mariah and Nastie are best friends, and do more than just the usual girly best friend stuff. They love to feel their asses get touched and rubbed and of course penetrated so they do this to each other to get themselves so horny! Check out these cuties as they get nasty and find orgasmic pleasure in each other's asses!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V2a P-V2b V2

 These three girls love to get together to talk, gossip, and do all the things that girls do, except that these three are lesbian and they love to pleasure each other the most of all. Nastie, Monchy, and Masha double team each other for maximum pleasure. Watch as the girls do a threesome with each other and get their erotic fantasies fulfilled.
 LezCuties (Anal lez ggg) P-V1

 Everyone knows how naughty Nastie can be. She proved it numerous times but she can't get enough. She often gets off with having our attention, enjoying the prying eyes. It turns her on, making her pussy flood with her juices, turning her nipples hard and pushing her over the edge to a cumming end.
 CutiesGalore (Anal toy solo) P-V4 New!

 It is without question that everyone loves Nastie for her cuteness and cheerful attitude. She is always willing for some kinkiness, and not shy to show her naked beauty to her fans. We tempted her for another sensual trip and she was happy to play along, giving us sneak peeks of her privates, and we had to realize again (for the thousand times) that Nastie is one talented and beautiful teaser.
 CutiesGalore (Anal toy solo) P-V3 New!

 One of the most popular cutie, Nastie wanted to give a private show for you, her fans, so we gave her the chance. She seemed to be shy at first, but with each pieces of cloth removed, she got more and more daring. Soon, even the beloved dildo got into picture, sliding into Nastie's tight asshole, causing the girl immerse amount of pleasure.
 CutiesGalore (Anal toy solo)  P-V2

 Watch Nastie in the kitchen as she slowly strips and reveals her gorgeous young body and shows you her cute little tits and her teen ass. Nastie fetches her orange dildo and inserts it in her juicy pussy to satisfy herself. Then she inserts it in her tight little asshole to give herself a hot anal massage. Click here and enjoy it all with Nastie.
 CutiesGalore (Anal toy solo)  P-V1

 21Sextury Network Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Hungary or Czechia
 as Nastie
 It Frank has a real treat today when he manages to web in two very sexy girls for an afternoon ass-fucking bonanza. Nastie and Destiny are both really into the game, and they’d do anything to see Frank happy and satisfied. So the trio spends some quality time together, and they share it with you today. Enjoy!
 AssHoleFeaver (Anal ffm) P-V

 A lucky day for the estate agent: he knows he's gonna sell this house today! Or... maybe screw that hot blondine who seems to be more interested in sucking on his thick cock that buying houses! So it seems, as she's being double-teamed, and fucked so hard. But boy oh boy, she's enjoying every minute of this mind-blowing DP fiesta!
 DPFanatics (DP) P-V

 These were the words of Nastie when she realized that we want to watch her in the bathroom. Then she dropped her clothes and started to tease us through the camera, and we had to admit, it was a beautiful sight. Later on, her favorite blue dildo got into the picture and into her pussy, and that was the moment we knew… it will be a fantastic solo scene.
 Pix and Video (Anal toy solo) P-V

 GG Network Reg. in UK, Italian prod., shot in Russia
 as Jaicy Brown
 GiorgioGrandi P V

 FAQ Network Reg. and shot in Russia
 as Katrina 
  I can’t tell for sure if this sexy girl is going to be the next super porn star or not. No matter that Katrina was a bit shy during our two minute interview, once we pulled her wet panties down, she became too confident and determined and showed us she her best. Good girl.
 DoubleViewCasting (Anal 1:1) Ref

 TeenCoreClub Reg. in Finland, shot in Russia
 as Andi
 Andi is one of those cute little girls whom you'll never know that she is really a little pervert at heart. She got her mouth drilled by a big cock until she gagged him down. Then Andi crawled up on top of his lap and rode him inside of her asshole. Once he pulled out of her ass, she licked his cock clean of her ass juices and then swallowed his cumshot.
 AssTeenMouth Pa Pb Va Vb

 Andi has such a beautiful smile that you just about fall in love with her at first sight. She was so horny that she called over two of her friends to play. They both got a turn stuffing their dicks in her mouth but then each of them fucked her holes as she had one guy in her pussy and another up the ass. Little Andi was smiling as she got tag teamed and then took a double facial in the end.
 DoubleTeamedTeens Pa Pb Va Vb 

 Andi looked cute and innocent in her little schoolgirl's outfit, it's too bad that she was going to be defiled like the true inner slut that she is! He put a dog collar around her neck and shoved his dick right up her virgin asshole! As she was chained to the wall, he gave her a hard, extreme fucking that she'll never forget!
 Defiled18 (Anal 1:1 +BDSM) Pa Pb Va Vb New!

 CatchyFetish Reg. in France, shotin Russia
 as Rosemary Moyer
Babes like Rosemary with their sexy blonde looks don't always realize their sexual appeal to an over sexed guy's mind. But she is getting a first hand lesson in how being sexy can drive a horny guy wild. She is kicked back looking at a magazine when this guy comes into the room. He waste no time with small talk and goes right to work stealing a kiss and copping a feel before ripping off her clothes in a wild frenzy.
Pa Pb Pc V (FLV: 180sec.!)

Roxanne is sitting on her bed looking in a mirror when she notices a guy behind her curtains with his cock in his hands. She jumps off the bed trying to fight him off but he gets the best of her in more ways than one. He holds her head down with his foot while he rips up her pants and pushes aside her panties. He buries his big dick in her tight holes until she gives up and sucks the jizz load out of his cock. 
Pa Pb Pc V

RK Network, reg. in USA, shot in Hungary
 as Kaylee
 This week at the party we have some hot girls that love getting down and dirty. Both, the blonde and brunette came over with a healthy appetite for cock. After a playful pillow fight, the girls are ready for the real play time. These girls fuck so hard they brake the bed down several times. They also love getting the back door treatment. You do not want to miss the hotness in this scene, its classic.
 EuroSexParties (Anal 2:2) P-V New!

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 RLS Network Re. amd shot in Russia

 Dream Network
 as Bianca

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 Royal Network Reg. in Cyprus, shot in Russia
 as Jessy C.
 CreampieAngels (Vaginal 1:1 creampie) P Va Vb

 TeenSexMovs (Vaginal 1:1) P Va Vb

 CatchyFetish Reg. in France, shotin Russia
 as Rosemary Moyer
 3DPornAction (Vaginal ffm) 3Dss-a 3Dss-b 3Dss-c 3D-FLV
 3DPornAction (Vaginal 1:1) 3Dss-a 3Dss-b 3Dss-c 3D-FLV
 DDF Network Reg. and shot in Hungary
 as Nasty
 OnlyBlowJob (Throat fucking) P

 RLS Network Reg. and shot in Russia



 Saphic Network Reg. in USA, shot in Russia

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