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Also named:
Cindy Brooke, Nikky Perry,

Nationality: Russian
Weight: kg
Height: cm
Hair color: Black
Eye color:
Tattoos: Tattoo (snakes) on left foot
Pubic area:


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GammaEntertainments Reg. in The Netherlands, shot in Russia
as Nicole Nix
Nicole Nix has been a bad girl, and Yura gives her a hard gaping lesson in proper behavior. Watch as he spanks Nicole while she moans with pleasure at the deep anal penetration he works into her rear. Soon we see the huge size she can stretch out to be when a monster cock like pile-driving Yura puts her through her paces.
GapeLand (Anal vaginal 1:1 gape finish) P Trailer

FAQ Reg. and shot in Russia
as Cindy Brooks
Young beauty Cindy worships his big dick from her knees and as she feels his precum dripping onto her tongue she’s fantasizing about the teenage butt fuck he’s going to give her. She climbs onto the soft leather couch with him and offers her asshole any way he wants it. After a good finger fucking stretches out her tight anus he slides the thickness of his manhood inside and the teenage butt fuck is captured perfectly in HD. You can hear her moans getting loud and see just how well he manages to fill and open her as he nails that slutty asshole.
FirstAnalQuest (Anal vaginal 1:1 gape finish) Ref

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Started: 2016.10.25.
Final update: 2016.10.25.

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