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Also named:
Amanda, Arina, Clarise, Clarisse, Claudia A., Claudia C., Diana, Frida, Gloria Sanders, Jewel, Jewy, Jillian B., Julia, Juliya, Julya, Kate, Kate B, Katja, Katja N, Kristina, Linda, Lynn, Marcel, Nova, Otradka, Sasha, Ulia, Vanesa, Yanka, Yulya
Birthday: June 21, 1990
Weight: 45 kg
Height: 162 cm
Hair color: Black (Blonde in 2011)
Eye color: Green 
Bra cup size: A
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Other: Cutie of the Month January 2009 1byDay

At the largest European porn model data site, EuroBabeIndex(EBI) had selected Sasha Rose as the best babe 2009. Since 2008, Sasha plays not only in Russia but active in Hungarian hardcores, too. She does not only by all three holes, but also does, ATM, DP and DAP. Possibly she retired from the porn indastry in 2012.

Her Individual Site by Brutal-B Network 
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Added in August 2016:

GammaEntertainments Reg. in The Netherlands. shot in Hungary
as Sasha Rose
Sasha is a sleek and svelte woman who always walks in like she means it. This time, there's something else in her eye! Her, Toby and Zack have been at the spa since a week now, and she's done with unclear flirtations. She wants them both and at the same time. The three head to the pool and delve far into the deep end.
DPFanatics (Anal vaginal fmm DP gape finish) P Trailer

So they meet again! Sasha Rose and Matt Bird have been waiting to catch up ever since they last left each other. Indeed, they make quite the sexy pair! Matt asks Sasha what the camera is doing these and how she wants to take it this time. 'I like to watch myself get fucked,' she says, followed by 'now shut up and take my lead'. Sasha heads straight for the goods and Matt doesn't look back.
Pix&Video (Anal vaginal 1:1 gape finish) P Trailer

DDF Reg. and shot in Hungary
as Sasha Rose
Say hello to the Russian teen Sasha Rose who is about to drive you crazy and your balls nuts when showing off her amazing petite tush in her animal print booty shorts above her bright pink over-the-knee socks, just minutes before our Full HD cams follow her giant black dong inside that gaping asshole in today's hardcore porn scene. Then David Perry arrives and she kneels on the bed to give him some ball licking and cock sucking to make his boner super hard and of course to lube it up for some ass fucking in doggie style. First off all she gets stuffed from behind by his giant meat, then rides his rod like a cowgirl before he crams her cornhole with his big dick. Sasha's tight 34A teen tits and her flawless skin drive him crazy and so he starts filling and stretching her tender rosebud over and over again while she moans with pleasure during her favorite hobbies: ass stuffing and ass gaping. Watch him pull out that pump for a load of skeet while she bends forwards and shows off her gaping asshole.
HandsOnHardcore (Anal vaginal 1:1 gape finish) 

Sasha Rose from the Russian Federation is known as the ass gape world wonder of the anal sex world and she returns to start off our new year with more of her supreme backdoor action! After the wild girl teases us solo by the pool in her tiny see-thru fishnet top and black latex booty shorts with garters and pale blue fishnet stockings, she moves indoors to fulfill her need for meat by cramming the cocks of Mike Angelo and David Perry into her blue-eyed face for some multidick sucking while masturbating, right in front of our Full HD DSLR cams for DDF Network. While she kneels over Mike on the couch, David stuffs her small asshole with a lot of fingers until she is ready with one of her trademark gapes to get penetrated in her gaping rosebud. First David bangs her butt and then she clamps her cornhole on Mike’s cock in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style - just because deep throating is not enough and there are further holes to cram! After sucking their dicks and licking their balls this threesome moves to the carpet for intense double penetration into her pink shaved pussy and gaping anus. Gaping anus? Oh yes, go see for yourself when our girl spreads her cheeks and shows off her carnal crater, before the guys cum in her mouth for some facial cumshot fun, and a few splashes on her teen titties as well!
HandsOnHardcore (Anal vaginal fmm gape DP finish) 

LPN Reg. in Czechia, shot in Russia
as Sasha Rose
LegalPorno () P-V Trailer

Her ass fucking sites and galleries:

DDF Prod. Reg. and shot in Hungary 
as Sasha Rose

Petite porny powerhouse Sasha Rose is so ready for anal porn action in a threesome with Choky Ice and David Perry that all she starts out wearing is her teeny pink panties and strappy heels. All the better for her to get her butthole exposed quickly for probing and penetration in this hardcore XXX video! You’ll see why we call her the “Go-To Gape Girl.” This young Russian hot babe kneels butt-up on a bed between her two studs and gets four of David’s fingers crammed up her butthole in a near fisting! Meanwhile she gives Choky deepthroat. Then David follows up on his hand by stuffing a humongous black dildo into Sasha’s bottom--a toy so thick that makes Sasha’s gape even more intensely pink and wide!! But Dave’s just loosening up Sasha for his prick, which takes its place in her posterior even as she goes back to blowing Choky. Then she rides Choky’s dick like a reverse cowgirl and gets David’s dick in her mouth. After thrusting awhile, Choky takes his cock out to show us just how incredible Sasha’s gape can get. And she’s rewarded for her enthusiasm and elasticity by getting a big cum shot all over her chin and 34A titties!
HandsOnHardcores (Anal 100% fmm) P P-V

Two Russian ultra-cuties are here for lucky stud Ian Scott when he starts stroking his boner in front of Mandy Dee and Sasha Rose. These blue-eyed wild girls are naked except for their sweet white socks with pink hearts, and they’re ready for a threesome that is going to give us one of the most memorable hardcore XXX videos yet! Watch how teeny titted 34A Sasha--what a sexy sprite!--holds Ian’s big dick between her socked soles and feeds it into Mandy’s mouth. And when the sultry Mandy with her big natural 34DD boobs takes tool in her face and looks at us with those mesmerizing blue eyes, our own boners join Ian’s to rise up to the occasion! The girls prime his prick with their feet and mouths, but then it’s cowgirl riding time as Mandy takes those long inches in her veeg and then Sasha gets crammed in her shaved pussy AND asshole. And what a gape she displays... Not to be outdone, Mandy then takes the dick in her derriere too, giving us maximum anal porn thrills leading to a big creamy finale and a cum swap kiss!
HandsOnHardcores (Anal vaginal ffm) P P-V

21Sextury Reg. in Gibraltalr Shot in Hungary
as Sasha Rose

 Young and bratty Sasha Rose has a tight pink pussy and a similarly thigh asshole, still she prefers to have sex with a man who has a huge, meaty dick. Nick Lang is such a man, and he doesn't hesitate to fuck the living soul out of Sasha as he bangs her mouth, pussy and ass, making the girl cum like a fountain.
DailySexDose (Anal 1:1) P-V Tube300
Appearance Oral 2 3 4 5 6 Vaginal 2 3 4 5  Anal 2 3 4 5 

netFameSolutions Reg. in USA, shot in Czechia
as Sasha Rose
Sweet, blonde porn princess Sasha Rose meets director Rocco Siffredi for a special private audition. The all-natural, 21-year-old cutie strips nude and presents Rocco with her adorable, round booty, letting the horny director finger her tight sphincter. Then she kneels to hungrily suck on his huge cock, lick his balls and gag on his shaft while he films her POV-style. Rocco shoves his massive pole up this young slut’s talented ass, following it with big toys, until her tender butthole gapes widely. Sasha sucks Rocco’s meat ass-to-mouth and gets rewarded with a tasty load of sperm.
(Anal 1:1) Tube120
DVD: Rocco's POV #08, Scene #01

EvilAngel (Anal ffm) P Tube120
DVD: Angel Perverse #22, Scene #01

Sultry brunette Mira is a lovely member of director Rocco Siffredi’s private security force. Checking out the crew of a construction site, she finds herself outnumbered by crude workers. Her fellow officers, stunning Valentina and petite Sasha Rose, come to her rescue. Valentina and Sasha distract the boys by kneeling and swallowing their thick cocks one after the next. Soon Valentina is getting serially butt-fucked by all 10 brutish laborers! These dudes ruthlessly gang-bang her asshole and ravage her mouth before leaving the girl’s pretty face coated in several loads of sticky, messy cock sauce.
EvilAngel (Anal ffm) Tube120
DVD: Rocco's Bitches In Uniform, Scene #03

 Sultry brunette Mira and petite blonde Sasha Rose are two lovely members of director Rocco Siffredi's private security force. They team up with their employer to prove that their special skills go way beyond personal protection! First Sasha and Mira suck Rocco’s cock and balls while he fingers their assholes. Soon he’s stacking and reaming their butts in a nasty, rectum-gaping anal three-way. The nasty girls slurp Rocco’s enormous pole ass-to-mouth and lick each other’s dilated bunghole. Sasha gets her backdoor stretched even wider with some huge anal beads. Finally the two sexy guards share a load of hot sperm.
EvilAngel (Anal ffm) Tube120
DVD: Rocco's Bitches In Uniform, Scene #04

 Adorable, young Sasha Rose interrupts an argument between director Rocco Siffredi and his friend, Mike Chapman. Finding herself ravaged by the two studs, the petite cutie vainly attempts to cram their enormous cocks, one black and one white, into her little mouth. They fill Sasha’s ass with progressively larger toys and double-penetrate her, completely stuffing her with meat. The hardworking babe even gets both raging dicks in her straining asshole at once! Rocco sucks the submissive slut's bare feet while pounding her flexible backdoor. Finally, Sasha dons oversized reading glasses, receives two messy cum facials and licks the cocks clean.
EvilAngel (Anal fmm interracial DP DAP) Tube120
DVD: Rocco's X-treme Gapes #02, Scene #02

EvilAngel (Anal toy lez) P Tube120
DVD: Top Wet Girls #10, Scene #01

EvilAngel (Anal ffm) Tube120
DVD: Puppet Master #10, Scene #04

EvilAngel (Anal ffm) Tube120
DVD: Winking 101 in Russia, Scene #09

EvilAngel (Anal ffm) Tube120
DVD: Winking 101 in Russia, Scene #15

EvilAngel (Anal ffm) Tube120
DVD: Puppet Master #8, Scene #01

21Sextury Prod. Reg. in Gibraltalr Shot in Russia
as Sasha Rose

 Eighteen-year-old Sasha wants to play video games but the boys won't let her... unless she kneels down and blows them right away. My oh my, what kind of game will this lead to?! Soon Sasha would find herself on the couch, one hard cock pumping her young pussy while the other is moving in and out of her gaping, wide-stretched juicy ass! Now that's more fun than a stupid video game, huh?
AnalTeenAngels (Anal fmm DP) P-V P Va Vb
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

I have no idea where these cuties come from, but it seems to me that when I think we will never find such cuties again, there is another one who is even cuter than the others! As for me it love by the first sight, Sasha captured my heart and I just think of her all night and day ever since I first saw her. But I don't mind at all, Sasha has been a great topic to think about! Her perfect shapes, her soft skin, and her pussy and her asshole as being fucked! Click on her to make your week better!
CutiesGalore (Anal toy solo) P-V1

 Hey everybody, my name is Sasha, I'm eighteen years old. Yes, that's right, barely legal! But I'm such a naughty girl I could hardly wait till my eighteenth birthday I wanted sex so much! Today I'm gonna show you how I like to fuck my juicy teen puss and my sweet lil ass at the same time... So if you're up for it, then follow me as I double penetrate my wet holes!
CutiesGalore (Anal toy solo) P-V2

Alisa and Sasha, these two petite cuties invited the not suspecting Brittany to their place. Brittany didn't know there's more between the girls than just friendship. But as the cheeky girls started to kiss and fondle on the coach in front of her, she too wanted to take part in the fun. It was the first time she saw a strap-on dong but she got fond of it immediately...!
LezCuties (Anal strap-on lez ggg) P-V1

When Sasha entered the loo the other day she wasn't aware of her friend Felicity peeping while she was peeing! She was very curious to see what's in between her legs and it was obvious she would like to take a closer look. So instead of peeing, the two ended up in a hot lesbian sex session, and Sasha got her wet pussy and tight little ass fucked with a double headed dong!
LezCuties (Anal toy lez gg) P-V2

Alisa and Sasha decided to cook together because neither of them is good in that. As they were talking about what and how they they should do they both became horny. They like each other so much and if they could they would play with each other's pussy and ass for days and weeks. But you know actually that's what they do! They didn't learn anything to cook because they played with each other! But at least they used some cutleries...
LezCuties (Anal toy lez gg) P-V3

Sasha Rose, and Joana were over at Verunka's place after school, just having some fun. Verunka was doing her homework, but Sasha and Joana had a different idea of fun. They also encouraged Verunka to join in the lesbian threesome party, and to indulge in the cunt licking, fingering, and fucking each other with a dildo. Check out all the teen lesbian action here!
LezCuties (Anal toy lez ggg) P-V4 (ggg) Tube300

Shot in Hungary
Click here to check out the sexy foot fetishing gallery in which Frank Gun and Sasha Rose indulge in some hot foot licking and fucking. Watch Sasha go go dance in her kinky red boots while Frank licks them. Check out her sexy toes, her hot legs, and cute feet. Watch Frank fuck Sasha's wet pussy and cum on her beautiful toes.
Footsie Babes (Anal 1:1 foot-fetish BDSM) P-V Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

It’s always refreshing to go out to a place where you can get an ice cold coke which is served by such a waitress as Sasha is. She makes you forget about that drink and fulfills your mind with her rounded ass and all you can think about is how you would stretch that tight asshole! George had an idea on how to do it, he had Sasha sit in his cock and fucked her as hard as possible :)
Pix and Video (Anal 1:1) P-V1 s. c. at fASSinating
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

Oh yes, something we've been waiting for so long! Remember Sasha Rose? Sure you do! Now she's back in out studios, and fortunately she's only changed her hair color, but her sexual appetite and passion remained the same. See her having fun with Zack's hard rod - just as she likes it! Enjoy!
Pix and Video (Anal 1:1 creampie) P-V2a P-V2b V Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

 It just seems to me that this hot weather just made bitches hornier than ever. Just take at look at Sasha! She was walking by the pool and she was thinking: In this hot I can feel my blood is heated up, too! I can’t help it, I need a cock immediately! She ran into Nick and Csoky who were enjoying the summer Sun, too. Sasha thought: Wow, two cocks could have me done for sure! And Sasha was right. This dp fun by the pool did a lot of good to her!
DPFanatics (Anal fmm DP) P-V1 
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

Alain and David are good friends. They share every fun with each other, even the blonde beauty, Sasha Rose. That's an age old habit between them, and they are looking forward for a big time together, especially, that Sasha doesn't mind to have two big cocks sliding into her ass and pussy at the same time. Both guys get an equal share, and Sasha has her own joy too. It is an excellent deal!
DPFanatics (Anal fmm DP) P-V2 P2 V2 Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

Nick tries to sell his house, and gives the job to Sasha Rose, who made same miraculously fast sells in the past. He doesn’t know that Sasha’s secret lies not in her superior business skills, but in the fact that she offers some extra service. Something which was irresistible for every buyer so far and it seems to be selling this house too. But what happens when Nick arrives home right during the special offer?
DPFanatics (Anal fmmm DP) P-V3 P-V3a Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

DPFanatics (Anal fmmm DP) P-V4  P-V4a
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

Sasha Rose is my girlfriend, but I have to admit I'm still with her only cos her mom Winnie is so fucking hot. Last time I was over at their place and when Sasha left the room I couldn't hold myself back and started flirting with Winnie. Winnie was already sucking my cock when Sasha entered the room. To my surprise she wasn't shocked at all. Instead she joined us in the fun. Check out the pics and the video!
ClubSanday (Anal ffm)  P-V 
in part2 does ass fucking 2 
Same content at fASSinating Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

 Check out this lesbian gallery of Sasha Rose and Faye Barts, and watch them indulge in some liquid lez fun with oil, urine, and saliva. Watch Sasha and Rose oil their slender bodies as they massage each other's butts and boobs. Watch them lick each other's cunts and assholes in every position, and finally check Faye out as she pees on Sasha's cute butts.
ClubSandy (Anal lez)  P-V Tube300

 Hi there, this is Sasha! Are you bored of working sometimes? Well me, I was so happy when I finally had a day off! I could stay at home and I didn’t have to care about anything or anybody but myself! I just sat down and concentrated on what I would really love to do, but when I caught myself I was already masturbating. Wow, I guess I didn’t pay enough attention on myself, but my body just knew what it needed! I fingered my asshole and my pussy to satisfy my own needs...
Pix&Video (Anal and vaginal solo) P-V s.c. at PlayfulHhands

Almost everyone has his or her treasured items. For Sasha it is her comfortable sex-carpet. She did many kinky things on that carpet – did her magic on it, hence the name – and milked numerous cocks on it. Today she raises the number with two as she decides to satisfy Zenza and James at the same time... for that, she uses all of her holes, but her tight asshole plays the main role.
(Anal fmm) P-Va P-Vb V Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

TeenCoreClub Reg. in Finland, shot in Russia
as Sasha
Sasha is brunette little whore who loves some cock buried in her ass! She's got some cute meaty pussy lips, but they are going neglected today! Today Sasha is getting a beef injection right up the shitter! And then afterwards she is going to take his cock right back in her mouth for some ass to mouth action!
AssTeenMouth (ATM+) Pa Pb Va Vb

Sasha is a hot chick who just turned eighteen and is ready to fuck! She first eagerly gives a blow job to a guy with a big dick, then takes it eagerly in her ass in several different positions and obviously enjoys every minute of it. This leaves her ass hole wide open and ready to be fucked again. She then gets a load of cum shot all over her hot eighteen year old face.
TryTeens Pa Pb Va Vb

 Sasha is just a petite little thing, so it was hard to believe when she wanted to take two cocks at once! Would she be able to handle two big guys in each hole?? However she did and she begged for more! Sasha's holes were fully penetrated as she was stuffed in both ends. The guys fucked her deeply until she took each of their cumloads on her face.
DoubleTeamedTeens (DP) Pa Pb Va Vb

Oh my, naughty Sasha was a handful! When she approached me for anal sex, she told me she was a virgin and wanted me to give her a good stretching. So I got out the anal lube and one of my best ass plugs and worked it into the tight spot. Finally I was able to stuff my cock inside her virgin hole and she loved getting her first anal in my office!
TeachMyAss (Greek lesson) Pa Pb Va Vb

FAQ Network Reg. and shot in Russia
as Sasha
Bet you all know how much girls love shopping! Well, it’s not a secret that shopping requires money and Sasha had to make her choice – being left without a whole pile of new clothes or getting everything she wanted in exchange for her anal virginity. What do you think, what did she choose? Right you are, man! We hadn’t seen such an awesome set of tail feathers for quite a long time already. This cutie is a real sex junkie. Still, anal sex was something new for her… She was wincing and moaning at first because the dick pounding on her chocolate flower was a little bit too big for her… Still, we used an extra portion of lube, warmed her asshole up with a dildo and finally got what we wanted – Sasha let the whole of that monster shaft into her tight depths! This puss did a great job – bet that she will remember that dong sliding in between her cheeks till the end of her life… Her movie is a real must-see for all of you, guys!
FirstAnalQuest Pa Pb Pc Va Vb Vc

CatchyFetish Reg. in France, shot in Russia
as Gloria Sanders
This slim body brunette babe has a tight small ass that looks totally hot in her denim blue jeans. Gloria loves being on film showing off her slender curves and getting all the hard cock she can. And this horny guy was anxious to get his hands, mouth and big cock on her!
(Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Pc FLV

(Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Va Vb Vc Vd (60sec)
JT Network Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
as Jewy

(Anal 1:1) P1 P2 P3

(Anal 1:1) P1 P2 P3

GG Prod. Reg. in UK, Italian prod., shot in Russia
as Kate

 P V (DAP)

RussianTeenObsession P V

Dild&Fistings P V (Anal lez+Fisting)

PayServe Network Reg. in The Netherlands, shot in Russia
as Katija
ClubSeventeen P1 P2 (Anal toy) P3 (Open air) P4 (Anal toy) 

as Julia
ClubSeventeen P5

MySexyKittens P1 V

MySexyKittens P2 V2

DDF Prod. Reg. and shot in Hungary 
as Sasha Rose
One of our sexiest & horniest young chicks, Sasha Rose is now proving her lust with a huge rubber dildo, pushing it in her pussy & ass! The cute slender babe happily rubs her tight holes with the enormous toy, since she knows she will have her well d ...
1byDay (Anal solo) P-V P V

Cute teen girls Sasha Rose loves getting her horny tight ass fucked, so she invited Oliver Strelly to fill her sensual hole until she cums! Check as this smiling babe enjoys her ass fucking action and as the guy pumps all his load on her sexy face... ...
(Anal 1:1) P-V P FLV

Nasty schoolgirl Sasha Rose in her uniform misses today's class only to see deviant Doctor Choky Ice treating her sexy feet in socks! The smiling slim young chick is offering all her beauty to the experienced guy, because she knows that she'l ...
HotLegAndFeet (Anal 1:1) P-V P V

Young teen Sasha Rose with her sexy small tits lets her trimmed pussy examined, licked & fingered by Dr Frank & she also rides his cock! The diligent girl sucks his hard cock, too, so the deviant doctor lets her dense cumshot in her mouth! ...
HouseOfTaboo (Anal 1:1) P-V P V

Deviant doctor Frank Gun makes Sasha Rose's young tight ass squirt with his tricks & the innocent babe shoots out white liquid from her ass! The slender young babe is only doing whatever the doctor tells her...
HouseOfTaboo (Anal 1:1 fingering) P-V P V

Hot schoolgirl Sasha in her uniform gets examined by deviant doctor Frank who spits in her ass to put his metal medical devices in her anus! The curious doctor also plunges a thermometer to get more details how hot her sexy patient is! During her examination the slim babe gets her ass fingered and licked, too!
HouseOfTaboo (Anal 1:1 fingering) P-V 

RLS Network Reg. and shot in Russia
RedLineStar P

Royal SS Reg. in Cyprus
as Ulia
This smoking teen brunette is so young, but she's already a professional whore. She can't live without a hard fucking, and her tight pussy and a little hungry asshole always beg to fuck. She doesn't refuse them and now you can witness her gaping ass and a massive cumshot on her beautiful sluttish face after that crazy fucking...
BeautyAngeles (Anal 1:1) P Va Vb
as Juliya
I just love when the sluts come in front of the cameras and they poses and twist and show off. They have absolutely no idea what a pounding their throats and assholes are in for until it is thrown down hard. And sure enough she is choking on the meat and getting her asshole gaped like a manhole. Now crawl away all sore slut.
Gag&Gape Ref.

as Arina
NubileGirsHD P Va Vb

Holy shit Ulia is one super hot teen slut. Yes she has those adorable perky tits and a pussy just as smooth and slick as can be; she even has a cute lil round bottom. But this girl knows how to suck cock and she fucks like a maniac! She bounces up and down on this hard cock, having it shoved deep and hard up her ass until she gets back on her knees, goes ass to mouth and sucks the cum out of this lucky guys beef.
TeenSexMania (Anal 1:1) ref-v ref-a ref-t 

Delux Prod. Reg. in UK, shot in Russia
as Amanda
18XGirls Pa Pb V

MindGeek Reg. in Canada, shot in Hungary
as Sasha Rose

 When I spoke to Sasha over the phone, she informed me that since she really enjoyed her last stay with us that she was definitely renting from us again. When she arrived I was surprised by her new look. Sasha changed her hair color from black to blond and she has been working out. Choky had the pleasure of exploring her beautiful body with his slick tongue. He tongue fucked her pussy and ass until she had an amazing orgasm. Sasha then stuffed her mouth with Chokys hard cock and sucked it until he was ready for the grand back door entry.
Mike'sApartment (Anal 1:1) P-V Tube240
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

The sexy, Sasha came to stay at the apartment. She was a very cute, nineteen year old, petite girl with beautiful eyes. She was already informed about the special payment and was ready and willing. She called James to come to the bedroom to fuck her sweet pussy. She had some nice perky tits and a luscious ass. She loved sucking that cock and was very good at it. She got her pussy drilled and then she asked nicely to get fucked in her ass. James fulfilled her wishes and pounded her asshole. She loved playing with her twat as she got pumped in her ass. She got buttermilk all over her.
Mike'sApartment P-V 

Mandie had already paid for the room as Sasha showed up. Nick got there soon after and well, not much time was wasted. The gorgeous blonde Mandie took out her huge natural boobs and showed off her great ass as Sasha followed birthday suit and showed off her perky natural titties. Tony and Nick went to town. Intense blowjob action followed by some pussy pounding partying. While one was sucking dick, the other was getting some anal work done. Amazing. You will enjoy this one. I guarantee it.
EuroSexParties P-Va P-Vb

SexTronix Reg. in USA
as Clarise
AnalDrilledTeens (Anal 1:1) P Va Vb Vc

Kink.com Network reg. in USA, shot in HUngary
as Sasha Rose
European cutie Sasha Rose is fucked like a rag doll by 5 guys
BoundGangbangs (BDSM+anal gangbang) P-V P V 

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Everest Network Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
as Jewy

ModelMax  Reg. in Latvia, shot in Russia

Tony Network Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
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TeenModels (Toy solo)

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UFO Network  Reg. in Spain, shot in Russia

Non anal galleries:

GammaEntertainments Reg. in The Netherlands. shot in Hungary
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MindGeek Reg. in Luxemburg, shot in Hungary
as Sasha Rose

EuroSexParties (Vaginal 2:2 finish) P-V

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DDF Prod. Reg. and shot in Hugary
as Sasha Rose
1byDay (Vaginal solo) EuroTeenErotica P-V P V

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OnlyBlowJob P V

TeenCoreClub Reg. in Finland, shot in Russia
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JT Network Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
as Jewy
My18Teens (Vaginal) 2

DMN Network Reg. in UK, shot in Russia
as Diana
18VirginSex (Vaginal, 1:1) Pa Pb Va Vb

TrickyOldTeacher (Vaginal/old-n-young) Pa  Pb Va Vb

SpoiledVirgin (Vaginal) 2 V2

21Sextury Prod.
as Sasha Rose 
ClubSandy (Vaginal lez/pissing) P-V PeePeeBabes

SinComm Network Reg. in Cyprus
TeenModels (Lez) P-V

Wetandpuffy Netwok Reg. in Czech

GG Prod.  Reg. in UK, Italian prod., shot in Russia
as Kate
Gags&Girls (Throat fucking) P V

UFO Network Reg. in Spain, shot in Russia
LovelyTeenMovs P P1(solo) P2 (b/g)

RLS Network Reg. and shot in Russia
BitchesFeet (Feet fetish+Vaginal) P

Royal Network
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as Sasha
Some chicks are just so hot that they give you an instant boner and Sasha is just the chick to make your cock throb. One look at her is enough to send you through the roof, but when this hot brunette takes off her clothes and lets her inhibitions free, man, it's enough to turn any gentleman into a wild beast!
SpearMyPussy P-V

Sasha is a bad, bad girl with a passion for pantyhose and cock. For this horny nylon addict, there's nothing more satisfying than the silky feel of hosiery on her soft flesh as she's being pounded by a big prick. Today, she's extremely lucky. We not only found her a boy-toy who shares her obsession, but he's about to bang her like she's never been before!
NylonSpunkJunkies P-V

As if reanimated like Sleeping Beauty the moment a big cock kisses her lips, Sasha is one of those sweet princesses who make dreams come true. She's ready for more than just a bit of light cock-sucking, though. This jaw-dropping teen will have your cannon blasting-off the moment she lets loose on two toys and a big thick dick!
DrilledSweeties.com P-V

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