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Beth, Beth Chance, Beth P, Monica, Savanah Secret, Savannah,

Birthday: February 07, 1989
Weight: 50kg
Height: 171cm
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Bra cup size: 34B-26-36
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None

 Savannah Secret is a young Latvian anal slut with erotic bushy pubic hair, playng mainlly for Russian and Hungarian hardcores.

★ New! added in December 2013

MindGeek Reg. in Canada, shot in Hungary
as Savannah Secret
Savannah and Misha came to party! As soon as they get to the apartment they start kissing and stripping each other down. Savannah's plump, juicy tits and ass come out along with Misha's perky tits and tight firm ass. Things get much hotter as nipples and clits are bit and licked. Sabby and James show up to be pleasantly surprised by these girls on the living room couch. They join in and this party goes full force. Everyone seems to get a piece of everything from everyone as this party gets into full swing. A dual blowjob to James from the girls leaves Savannah and Misha with their faces covered in cum. Savannah gets a little something extra in the form of a pussy covering by Sabby. Exhausted and extremely satisfied the girls caress, kiss, and lick each other till the end.
RealityKings (Anal 2:2) P-V Tube240
sub-site: EuroSexParties
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

21Sextury Network Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Hungary
as Savannah Secret
The jail may bring the worst out of people. But if sexual tension and aggression are mixed together with precise care, something fantastic may happen. Just like in this case when super sexy prison guard Savannah uses her irresistible charm to seduce and handle the helpless convict and make him fuck her hungry pussy.
Pix&Video (Anal 1:1 creampie) P-V Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
as Savannah Secret
Sexy accountant seduces her co-worker while threatening to expose him for money laundering. Be careful what you wish for when dealing with the criminal element in Russia. Fresh Natural beauty gets defiled and pounded in every hole until she is all used up.
HardcoreGangBang (Anal 1:5 DP) P V

Private Reg. in Spain, shot in Russia
as Savannah Secret
Savannah Secret already has a boyfriend and makes sure all of his sexual needs are satisfied, but what about his friends? Half the fun of having a hot girlfriend is sharing her with your pals. Watch as Ms. Secret earns some respect from her man by draining his buddy's dick!
Private (Anal 1:1) P-V

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MindGeek Reg. in Canada, shot in Hungary
as Savannah Secret
We have some Euro Hot Bush for you this week. The red-headed Latvian, Savannah, was proud of her luscious hair pie. She gave us a seductive tease, displaying her furry furnace for us, as she strutted around and played with herself. This girl was more than all bush though. Her sexy, fit body was complete with a firm, round ass and plump, juicy tits. JJ invited James over to explore his horny, hairy aspirations. Savannah's pussy got nice and wet, as James rubbed and caressed her. This made for some beautiful, glistening views. James couldn't take it anymore, took a scissors, cut Savannah's bearded taco out of her stockings and started licking. Savannah returned the favor with some primo cock sucking, and then James fucked that hairy hole six ways til Sunday. With an ending worthy of an award, James coated her fuzzy wuzzy with cum until it looked like a muffin covered in icing. Sweet indeed!
RealityKings (Anal 1:1) P-V Tube240
sub-site: HotBush
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

netFameSolutions Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
as Savannah Secret

 Kinky, decadently rich brunette Savannah Secret telephones Steve Holmes to order a male subject for her perverse games. Steve drugs his pal Omar Galanti, and Omar awakens to find himself constrained by a straitjacket, bondage mask and dog chain. Savannah, dolled up in heels, fishnets and a black latex dress, dominates her new pet and masturbates with dildos. She slurps on Omar’s giant cock and rides the thick boner while slapping his face. Finally, Savannah empties Omar’s cum into a fluted glass. She fills it to the brim with her own squirting pussy juice and drinks down the slimy mixture!
EvilAngel (Anal 1:1) P Tube120
DVD: Savannahs Secret, Scene #01

 Latvian beauty Savannah Secret and suave stud Steve Holmes are walking on the street when they’re abducted by a hooded figure. Savannah awakens to discover that this was all a ruse planned by Steve! With the all-natural bitch chained to the wall, he torments the most sensitive areas of her flesh with clothespins; he slaps, caresses and abuses her. Steve fucks Savannah’s cunt and jams his meat down her throat and up her ass. He even makes her eat his hairy bunghole! After fingering Savannah to a squirting climax, he unloads his sperm into her mouth.
EvilAngel (Anal 1:1 BDSM) P Tube120
DVD: Savannahs Secret, Scene #02

 Latvian beauty Savannah Secret is casting a love spell, trying to win the massive cock of Italian stud Omar Galanti. By candlelight, she pierces a voodoo doll with pins in a strange occult ritual. But the beefy guy shows up at her home and turns the tables on Savannah: He dominates her sexually, making her kneel to worship his enormous prick with her mouth in a submissive, deep-throat blow job. Omar even binds her head to his hips so his dick stays jammed down her throat! Sodomizing Savannah and tormenting her with hot wax, Omar puts her under his control.
EvilAngel (Anal 1:1 BDSM) P Tube120
DVD: Savannahs Secret, Scene #03

Latvian beauty Savannah Secret is overjoyed when her boyfriend, Omar Galanti, proposes marriage. There’s a photo shoot with the gorgeous girl in her new wedding gown. But another surprise is in store: Bitchy model Kendra Star dominates the newlywed slut with spanking paddles and other implements to redden Savannah's tender ass cheeks. A strap-on dildo fucks the blushing bride’s hairy pussy. Photographer Serge joins in, thrusting his huge cock down Savannah’s throat. He helps Kendra anally stuff the lucky slut for a lewd double-penetration. Omar makes it a foursome; both girls get butt-fucked and share a mess of cum.
EvilAngel (Anal 2:2 DP) P Tube120
DVD: Savannahs Secret, Scene #04

21Sextury Network Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Hungary
as Savannah Secret
Detective Ross has his own methods. Sometimes he doesn't go by the book, and may break some regulations here and there, but he is effective and he shows results. Just like now, when he uses his... instinct to question Savannah, getting all the information he needs, and having some fun in the process.
AssHoleFever (Anal 1:1) P-V Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

It was a successful day for Toby and Savannah. They sealed a business deal, and it is time for celebration. Though they are only colleagues, their common success is a good reason to make a step forward in their relationship. It is a quite big step, mind you, and the business trip turns into a hardcore session.
Pix&Video (Anal 1:1) P-V Tube300
Appearance 2 3 Nude 2 Genital Toying Oral 2 3 4 5 Vaginal 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Gape Finish

It is so amazing how much Savannah loves anal sex. We mean she is not the regular 'she lets you do it' type of girl. No! She really loves to be banged into the ass, feeling the cock throbbing through her rectum to her pussy and even further, turning her hot and pushing her into a mind shattering climax.
(Anal 100% 1:1 creampie) P-V Tube300
Appearance 2 Nude Genital 2 3 4 5 Oral 2 3 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Gape 2 Finish

21Sextury Network Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Russia
as Savannah Secret

 Savannah was very secretive about her sexual habits, being all shy about sharing details. But when she got in front of the cameras, she opened up quickly, revealing her deepest wishes and naughtiest secrets. Because Savannah loves anal sex, that is not a secret anymore... and we were happy to learn about it!
ButtPlays (Anal 1:1) P-V Tube300
Appearance 2 3 Nude 2 Genital 2 3 4 5 Oral 2 3 Vaginal 2 3 4 5 6 7Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7 Finish

A gaping asshole is such a wonderful sight. Knowing that there are so many girls loving a big, juicy cock inside their ass, seeing how they love to feel the dick stretching their rectum so much that they even could touch it through their vagina... now that's is damn hot thing to think about. Savannah is one of these girls and for that, we love her to the end!
GapeLand (Anal 1:1 gape) P-V Tube300
Appearance 2 3 Nude 2 Genital 2 3 4 5 Toying 2 3 4 Oral 2 3 4 5 Vaginal 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Gape 2 3 Finish

FAQ Reg. in Russia, shot in Russia and Czechia
as Savannah Secret
Several days ago one of our models, that used to participate in our project FirstAnalQuest, called us and asked whether her friend could take part in the show as well in order to earn some extra money with the help of her virgin butt. We have appointed the meeting with this new girl and today we've got here gorgeous Savannah in our studio. This young green-eyed female hasn't had any experience working in front of camera, and this is the reason why she is so nervous. But everything gets pretty well, thanks to the skillful male partner. Now we've got an excellent anal sex porn flick with pretty young babe.
FirstAnalQuest (Anal 100% 1:1 creampie) Pa Pb Pc Pd Va Vb Vc Vd  Ve

For today's shooting we invited pretty brunette girl to our casting. She is just a fresh porn star, looking for new exciting experience. We offered her to film the scenes with two cameras, one huge cock in this nice anal porn. This kind of sexual turmoil appealed to this girl's likeness just fine!
DoubleViewCasting (Anal 1:1 creampie) Pa Pb Pc Pd Va Vb Vc Vd Reg. in USA, shot in Russia 
as Savannah Secret
 In this BDSM fantasy update, Savannah is out on her own in the streets of Saint Petersburg looking to meet up with a friend when she gets lost and her cell phone battery dies. She meets a stranger on the street who offers to charge it at his apartment close by which she agrees out of desperation. Inside the apartment, she finds herself helpless and at the mercy of two strangers who wrestle her to the ground and tie her up. Her darkest fantasies come true as she is manhandled and fucked very rough. Then she is tied up in the bathtub and given a humiliating enema so that her asshole can be fucked! The intensity ramps up even higher as she endures painful clamps all over her body and she is fucked in the ass while her pussy is fisted. However, all this leads to powerful orgasms that she cannot control. Savannah is then double penetrated by the strangers and then hogtied in a hot sauna where they come on her pretty face and leave her there to bake.
Sex&Submission (Anal fmm DP BDSM) P V P-V

DDF Reg. and shot in Hungary
as Svannah Secret
Marcus Gomez really lives the lovely life when he meets Savannah Secret and Amy Wild at the gym. These two brunette babes are more up for plowing rather than push-ups, and the studly Mr. Gomez provides what they need as he observes their flirty lesbian interaction but then turns it into a boy-girl-girl threesome as they quickly maneuver his cock into their mouths, hungrily sucking on his balls and shaft. There’s loads of pussy licking too as Marcus enjoys both Savannah’s hairy snatch and Amy’s bald box. He fucks Amy’s veeg doggie style while she laps at Savannah, and then he bangs Savannah’s butthole when the girls switch places. The wild gir...
HandsOnHardCore (Anal ffm interracial) P P-V

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DDF Reg. and shot in Hungary
as Savannah Secret
HandsOnHardCore (Viginal 1:1) P P-V

Nubiles Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
as Beth Chance
Nubiles (Vaginal 1:1) P

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