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Also named:
Adelle, Alice, Amber, Brenda Wang, Cintia, Cristal, Crystal, Gabi, Ira, Jane, Marina, Mary, Sasha, Stacey Snake, Stacey Snaked, Stacy, Stacy C, Stasy, Sveta,

Birthday: April 26, 1989
Weight: 55kg
Height: 170cm
Hair color: Brunette
Eye color: Brown
Bra cup size: 36AA/80A-61-86
Tattoos: Dragon on right back shoulder
Piercings: Navel

 Stacy Snake is a young Russian extrem slut who plays both in Russian and Hungarian hardcores.

Newely added in May 2014:

Royal SS Reg. in Cyprus, shot in Russia
as Suzy
AnalAngels (Anal 1:1) P-V

21Sextury Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Hungary
as Stacy Snake
We all know that Stacy is an anal maniac. But we've never knew that she does it with more than one man at the same time. The naughty but sexy beauty doesn't stop to surprise us on every turn, but we won't deny that we really love to see as two guys use her ass as their personal fucking hole.
AssHoleFever (Anal 1:1) P-V Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

21Sextury Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Russia
as Stacy Snake
Shagging Stacy is something many man would do... but banging her ass would be something all of us dream about. The beautiful Stacy is still a tempting target, and Yura is lucky enough to bang that young hottie in her holes, starting from the mouth, through the pussy to the final destination, right in the butt.
(Anal 1:1) P-V Tube300

Listen, how honest Stacy's joyful screams sound when Serge penetrates her tight butthole. We are pretty sure that the girl has a very sensitive ass, and when that big cock slides deep inside between those shapely butt-cheeks, Stacy feels herself in the seventh heaven.
Gapeland (Anal 1:1) P-V Tube300

Her ass fucking sites and galleries:

21Sextury Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Hungary
as Stacy Snake
 A sauna can be an exciting place, especially if you share it with a beautiful, naked, young woman. We mean, there is sweating and there is another type of sweating, the product of some intense workout, and apparently neither Victor nor Stacy says no for some healthy, kinky sweating.
Pix&Video (Anal 1:1) P-V Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

Stacy Snake is a geekette to her very core, but like the majority of the girls, she loves cock... the more the merrier. Now she has the chance to prove how good is her control with two joysticks. The aim of the game is pleasure and guessing from her devotion, Stacy aims for the highest score in the hall of fame.
DPFanatics (Anal fmm DP) P-V Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

Stacy Snake made a generous offer for the boys... her body to enjoy. Of course this offer is not necessarily selfless; having two big cocks banging her brain out cannot be that bad for her either, after all. Either way, the two horny men jump eagerly jumps on the occasion, and give the girl everything she deserves.
DPFanatics (Anal fmm DP Interracial) P-V P-V Tube300
Appearance Nude Oral 2 Vaginal Threesome-fmm Interracial Anal Gape DP-a 2 DP-b 2 Finish-facial

 A woman's most treasured gift is the velvety hot depth of her body. The way that leads to this lovely deepness is that which can be optional. Some loves to moist pussy, others prefer the tightness of the asshole. Stacy Snake, for instance, is a real butt maniac. Just check this beauty in action and you will see why!
AssHoleFever (Anal 1:1) P-V Tube300
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

Elegant and beautiful Stacy Snakes gangs up wtth two horny guys for an impressive anal DP session, and guessing about her moans she did not regret it. The two men in black bangs the beauty from every sides and through every holes just to cover her with a nice amount of semen in the grand finale!
AssHoleFever (Anal fmm interracial) P-V P-V Tube300
Appearance Genital Oral 2 3 Interracial-fmm 2 3 4 Anal 2 Gape Vaginal Finish

21Sextury Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Russia
as Stacy Snake
Stacy cannot decide what to wear for the party. She piles up a few choices but still, she is clueless. Luckily Oliver shows up to make the decision easier. The solution is... wear nothing. Under Oliver's curious fingers Stacy soon loses all her clothes, and while the boy sneaks her big cock into her tight asshole, the whole party topic loses its importance for Stacy.
AnalTeenAngels (Anal 1:1) ref-v ref-a ref-t P-V P V

Stacy Snake is busy reading a book when Oliver shows up with cam, teasing the girl to stop being such a nerd. Stacy first protests, but it is obvious that she loves the attention. Soon she gives in to Oliver and starts her erotic game, while Oliver strips down his own clothes too, his cock erect from the sight. It is a temptation which Stacy couldn't resist and Oliver's big jock soon finds it way to Miss Snake's tight asshole.
AnalTeenAngels (Anal 1:1 creampie) P-V2a P-V2b V Tube300

Pretty teen Stacy Snake is an ass-maniac, everyone knows that. Kissing, licking a butthole, or having hers caressed makes her flooding in her juices. Lately she found Dima, who also a big time fan of the asshole fetish, and since then the two fucks their days through like two horny rabbits. But let’s be honest… Stacy’s tight ass would lure many of us to sin, right?
AnalTeenAngels (Anal 1:1) P-V P-V3 Tube300

MindGeek Reg. in Canada, shot in Hungary
as Stacey Snake
Stacey came to stay at Mikes Apartment. She came from Russia and was a beauty. Stacey had gorgeous eyes and a sweet round rump. She heard about the special payment and was eager to do it. Stacey began by undressing and playing with her luscious pussy. She got her pussy munched on, and sucked and rode that cock. Stacey got her asshole drilled for some amazing anal. She got her pussy and asshole pounded and got man juice all over her pretty face. The rent was paid.
Mike'sApartment (Anal 1:1) P-V Tube240
Appearance Nude Genital Toying Oral Vaginal Anal Gape Finish

CatchyFetish Reg. in France, shotin Russia
as Brenda Wang
No doubt that Brenda is a gorgeous babe that gets hot looks every where she goes especially when she is decked out in her skin tight blue jeans that hug her plump ass and long slender legs like a glove. What this brunette likes better than the hot looks she gets is having those blue jeans pulled down and her having her tight pussy and asshole pounded by a big fat cock.
FuckMyJeans (Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Pc FLV

Guy rips off brunettes clothes and gives her a savage big cock fucking
RipeHerUp (Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Pc FLV 

TeenCoreClub Reg. in Finland, shot in Russia
as Stacy Snake
 Stacy Snake needed money badly and what better way to get it than by doing something exciting? Determined to get the role, she showed the guys something she was really good at: sucking dick! Her pussy was smooth and her ass hole had never been touched before. Sticking a huge dildo in her rear convinced the guys of her intentions and the next moment they both invaded her. Caught in a deep double penetration she didn't know whether to enjoy the pussy pleasure or to stop the anal pain. Her first time anal turned out to be very pleasing as she let the guys finish in her mouth.
TeenAnalCasting (Anal fmm DP) Pa Pb Va Vb Tube

Brunettes are definitely sexy, and this dirty teen proves it! Stacy loves being on top, and her black friend knows just where to thrust his shlong straight into her deep, tiny asshole! Her perky titties bounce and jiggle as he slams into her again and again! This anal-loving acrobat then surprises even her man by throwing her knees to her shoulders and taking a fast, hardcore fucking in her gaping asshole!
WhiteTeensBlackCock (Anal 1:1 interracial) Pa Pb Va Vb Tube 
TryTeens (Anal 1:1) 

TryTeens (Anal fmm DP)

FAQ Network Reg. and shot in Russia
as Stasy
Having Stasy in our studio is the best present for all men! This lusty teen girl simply loves sex and today she will show us how well she can please a fat cock in front of the camera. Stasy amuses our guy with an amazing blowjob, takes his rod in her wet pussy and then gets off on deep anal pounding.
DoubleViewCasting (Anal 1:1) Pa Pb Pc Pd

Mennis Network Reg. in Dominica, shot in Russia
Her boyfriend doesn't fuck this teeny the way she wants, but her secret lover is a whole other story. He pushes her head down as she sucks his cock making her gag and swallow it balls deep. She loves it big time and the next thing she knows her pussy is not the only other hole getting fucked rough. Anal penetration was unexpected, but made her cum so hard she kept begging for more all night long. What a whore!
BangMyTeenAss (Anal 100% 1:1) P

DDF Reg. and shot in Hungary
as Stacy Snake
 Honey Demon puts her slave Stacy Snake through her paces in this new roleplay scene. The black-clad beauty keeps Stacy naked except for a face harness, ball gag, and wrist and ankle cuffs. She pulls on her sub’s nipples and gives her ass a fierce spanking, before removing the gag so that Stacy can lap at her pussy. Next Mistress Demon takes out two pink vibrators which she lubricates in Stacy’s mouth before getting her slave to lay over a chair with her legs up in the air. Honey crams both toys into Stacy’s crotch, one for her pussy, one for her butt. Then, after having Stacy lick the dildos, stretching her mouth wide with the shafts, she puts St...
HouseOfTaboo (Anal toy lezz BDSM) P P-V

When Detective Perry of the DDF Pussy Patrol has a bad day, all the hookers in his precinct get their asses taxed. You see, he has his undercover lady Amirah out there grabbing the sexy little street walkers on a regular basis. Some could call it entrapment, after all, both Perry and Amirah have ulterior motives with the chicks, but the hookers don't mind it at all. They don't just get booked, they get stuffed! Today it's the infamous Russian hooker Stacy Snake that get's cuffed and brought in. After a shouting match with Detective Perry where she swears she will never stop hooking things heat up. When the detective steps out, Amirah has a little enco...
Hands-on-Hardcore (Anal ffm) P-V P V

Ferro Network Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
as Crystal

AnalSaga (Anal 1:1) Pa Pb

AnalSaga (Anal 1:1)  Pa Pb

AnalScreen (Anal 1:1) P Va Vb

AnalScreen (Anal 1:1) P V

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Mennis Network Reg. in Dominica, shot in Russia


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PayServe Network Reg. in The Netherlands, shot in Russia
as Stacy
ClubSeventeen (Vaginal 1:1) P 


DMN Network Reg. in UK, shot in Russia
as Adelle
SpoiledVirgins (Vaginal fmm) 

iFuckedHerFinally (Vaginal 1:1) 

Mennis Network Reg. in Dominica, shot in Russia



as Stacy
Brutal Fisting


FAQ Network Reg. and shot in Russia
as Stasy

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Final update: 2014.05.10.

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