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Allison, Anne, Cindy, Doris, Hilda, Julia, Juliya, Krista, Kristina G, Kristine, Marina, Naomi Tayler, Pusia, Stella, Susan, Tamara, Tira, Ulia, Wendie, Yulya, Yulya Pussy
 Birthday:    April 24, 1985 
 Weight:     47 kg
 Height:     159 cm
 Hair color:   Red
 Eye color:   gray
 Three sizes:  93-62-91
 Tattoos:    -
 Piercings:   -

 Debute in 2004, Wendy is playing both in Russia and Hungary.

 Her ass fucking sites and galleries:

 21Sextury Prod. Reg. in Gibraltal Shot in Russia
 as Wendy
 Wendy's boyfriend has to concentrate on studying, he's having exams this week. But how can one concentrate when a stunning redhead like Wendy appears in the room... and with perky nipples that could cut diamond! It is obvious that she plans a different program for the afternoon, and studying is definitely not part of that - except when it's studying her own anal flexibility! Wendy gets pounded in the ass, and boy oh boy how much she enjoys it!
 AnalTeenAngeles (Anal 1:1) P-V1

 Wendy is an angel, she lets two cocks fucking her at the same time! Well, what else could she so when she had no idea about those paper works she should have done for her bosses! But Oliver and Axiles not the type of leaders who don't recognize a real talent and that's why they hired Wendy! She is very talented in sucking and her asshole is tight!
 AnalTeenAngeles (Anal fmm) P-V2

 My hunger drove me to the kithcen, but I was not in search of some snacks, I rather wanted some tasty kisses and sloppy licks on my throbbing hot pussy. And Wendy was the perfect solution for my appetite!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P1

 Ida's such a shy little girl, that's why we decided that we'll spice up her life a bit and invite her to a sleepover girl's nite in. Wendy started to read erotic stories, and we saw that Ida's blushing, but she looked interested. Wendy went on, and we saw that Ida could hardly control her excitement!
 LezCuties (Anal lez ggg)  P2

 There's more going on than just having a snack when Wendy and Lis set their lips to play. Why? The sweet fruits could be enjoyed best when eaten directy from each others mouths!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P3

 Sometimes wet wishes too come true! Especially when you're bathing together with your exotic brunette girlfriend who's soaping your tender skin slowly and lightly... with her foamy fingers she discovers your most hidden parts, and you tremble with joy as she slides a slippery digit into your dripping wet vagina or tight ass! Ready for some slippery wet fun? Then check this out!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V4

 Wendy and Murka were having some chocolate bonbons, but they got so intimate and turned on that they started licking each other's fingers and kissing. There was no stopping... They undressed and licked and fingered each other's wet lesbian pussies and tight assholes. Click here to see all the action!
 LezCuties (Anal lez) P-V5

 Hey, it's me, Wendy, I'm twenty-four and I'm back again! Yes indeed, I've been doing modeling ever now and then and it seems I can't live without it! I simply love to strip in front of the camera and show off my full, heavy boobs or tight round arse... I hope you like what you see because that keeps me going! Just take a look at my pussy, it's getting all wet and slippery... and I can't wait to set my double headed toy into play! And you know where the other end goes...? Into my tight ass!
 Cutiegalores (Anal solo) P-V1 

 Shot in Hungary
 Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the horniest of them all? Why, it's Wendy, of course! She has an insatiable hunger for hard cocks and she's not shy to ask, if in need!
 AssHoleFeaver (Anal 1:1) P1

 These Russian honeys came to an European vacation, and we're about to make deep impact on them. If they are looking for some hot holiday fun, they can share a big cock for free! Because best friends always share, isn't that true?
 AssHoleFeaver (Anal ffm) P2

 I heard so many rumours about these lovely girls, Lis and Wendy. If all the Russian babes out there are such stunners and if all of them loves lesbian friends, then Russia is the best place for me! I wish I could take part in this lez encounter next time!
 ClubSandy (Anal lez) P1 sc at LezboHoney

 Ever wondered what two horny girls can do with the help of a handy rubber playpal? Well, let me show you some tricks, then! Wendy was my "victim" in my strap-on experiments - and we had a helluva time together!
 ClubSandy (Anal lez) P2

 Red-headed horny devil Wendy makes her debut on dpfanatics with two big cocks - and she really enjoys every minute of this rough sex-excercise! Check out how she handles this hardcore training!
 DPFanatics P V (DP)
 GG Prod. Reg. in UK, Italian Prod., shot in Russia
 as Wendy
 NoRestForTheAss P V (ffm) 

 DMN Network Reg. in UK, shot in Russia
 as Susan
 Look how this young bitch smiles as the thick sausage works its way up her tight back passage. However hard we tried to wreck her holes, she kept on smiling! Even after sucking a cock which seconds later packed her ass with jizz the smile did not come off!
 DirtyAssToMouth P Va Vb (+ATM)

 ModelMax Network no named Reg. in Latvia, shot in Russia
 DualHardCore Pa Pb Va Vb Vc

 AssLickWhores P V FLV

 ProperFuck P V

 DDF Network Reg. and shot in Hungary
 as Kristine
 Lis and Kristine serve up some ultra sensual lesbian food play, combined with some foot worship! These babes totally dig each other, turning this into a monitor-steaming session of lesbian desire. "I love working with Kristine cos when I make love to a girl I like her to look young, have a teenager's body. That is so hot and Kristine is just perfect for me! I juice up just thinking about her." Well these girls certainly got each other juicy, so check it out!
 1byDay P1a P1b Va Vb (Anal lez gg)

 1byDay  P3 V3 (ggg)

 When Lis and Kristine invited the boys over they were hoping for a good, hard bang-fuck session and that's exactly what they got! They slurped the two lucky studs hard before turning their oral attentions to each other as the guys started pumping their pussies full of man.meat. Soon the studs had turned their attentions to some DP and anal insertions with plenty of sloppy ATM and PTM to keep it all well slicked. As the girls took it in turn licking each other and sucking the cocks pulled out of their friend's gaping orifices the guys started to moan. The girls got on their knees and told the guys to unleash hot streams of gooey cum over their faces. He...
 HandsOnHardcores P-V1 P1 V1 (Anal 2:2)

 Hey guys It’s me Kristine. Lola’s friend, please don’t tell her you saw me today. I’m supposed to be seeing about maybe getting us in school, I knew she wouldn’t want to come with me, I had to get out the house with out her and she would be mad if I told her the truth. You see Lola and I have been girlfriends long before we were with any guys and we decided way back then that we would never, well you know have any serious feelings about any one guy, and there’s where the problem lies. I met this guy when we first got to Prague, I rushed out the other morning to fuck him with out even saying much of a word and we̵..
 HandsOnHardcores  P2 V2 (Anal 1:1)

 Hey there guys, I’m Kristine a young and sexy brunette from Russia. My girl friend Lola and I came down to Prague for a week just to see what all the talk was about. Lola’s really Hot, I thought she would be here but she’s off with some guy she met last night. She left me all alone to fend for myself, so I went down to this club I saw not to far away to see what my horny ass could stir up. Not long after I got there the DJ made an announcement about some type of amateur night or something like that. The next thing I knew there were girls dancing on the bar and tables with there clothes half off, just sitting their watching them all ma..
 HandsOnHardcores  P3 V3 (fmmm)

 HotLegs&Feet P1 V1 (ffm)

 SeriousPartners Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
 as Julia
 MyPickUpGirls P Va  Vb

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 as Naomi Taylor
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 21Sextury Prod. Reg. in Gibraltal Shot in Hungary
 as Wendy
 The best way to relax? I get rid of my clothes and indulge in some hot bath - which often ends in a serious self-loving session! I simply cannot help it, whenever I rub some bath oil on my body I feel the urge to devote a bit more time to my pussy!
 ClubSandy (Vaginal solo) P3 V3

 CatchyFetish Reg. in France, shot in Russia
 as Naomi Taylor
 iLoveMiniSkirts Pa Pb Pc (b/g) Video gallery is not yet uploaded
 DDF Prod. Reg. and shot in Hungary
 as Kristine
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