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Also named:
Estea, Sophie, Sophie Linx

Nationality: Hungarian
Birthday: November23, 1983
Weight: kg
Height: cm
Hair color:
Eye color:
Bra cup size:

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as Sophie Lynx
Nobody disrespects the family, and get away with it. Turning down the Godmother's gracious business offer is not the wisest thing professional harlot Sophie could do, and now she has to prove her worth or else she will end up six feet under. But is she ready to pleasure both the mistress and her bodyguards?
Mighty Mistress (Anal )
Mighty Mistress (Anal )
Mighty Mistress (Anal )

What else could be more disastrous for a group of aristocrats than a clumsy maid messing up their afternoon chatter that they intended to enjoy next to a glass of delicious wine? Well, nothing. The gracious host and lord of the house, just to emphasize his righteous anger, dishes out some corporal punishment... and all these chain of events lead to a nasty early 1900' BDSM!
Dominated Girls

How does the cocky ex-fashion model Sophie turns into a slave slut? Well, pro slave trader Frank Gun will show us the right method, teaching us how to break her attitude and change it to something more ready to compromise. Poor Sophie moans and begs, but neither Frank nor Zack has mercy on her while they fuck the girl from all direction.
Dominated Girls

as Sophie Lynx
One cannot have enough of the always elegant, always sexy femme fatale, Sophie Lynx. Sophie and her cute ass are ready to be serviced one again, and this time Markus will be the one banging the girl from behind in this amazing hardcore anal scene to the quite satisfying end.
AssHoleFever (Anal) 

Oh, our dear Sophie Lynx! She is always so beautiful, so elegant, so horny. Even surrounded by two massive cocks, she won't frighten back from the task and throw herself at them with her usual zealotry. One would think, double the cock, double the trouble, but not for Sophie. She sucks, rides, fucks them until both blow the hot load onto her face... sexy!
AssHoleFever (Anal) 

The autumn is getting close and it is time to harvest all the goods we tended through the long summer. For some it is crop, for Renato, it is the sexy, ripe body of Sophie Lynx. Renato spared no time, money and energy to seduce the girl on his cock... now it is time to enjoy the harvest!
AssHoleFever (Anal) 

Pornstars like Sophie Lynx can not get enough of the good thing. And since their favorite thing in the whole wide world is dick, they’ll try to put their hands on as many as possible. And by „their hands”, I mean their pussies and assholes. Because in this scene Sophie will be fucked good and proper in both, like the horny slut she is.
DPFanatics (DP) 

As a gambler, you probably know the old saying: who has no luck in gambling must be lucky in love. Is Christian one of them? So it seems, as he gets a perfect babe to play with: Sophie Lynx even offers him the key to her well-kept garden: the lucky bastard gets to fuck her girl in the ass...!
Pix and Video (Anal 1:1)

Although it is generally wise not to mix up with co-workers, sometimes it cannot be stopped. For James and Sophie, the private office offers much more entertaining things than the filing cabinet and the dull documents and contracts it hides. It is more interesting what the business attire hides.
DDF Network Reg. and shot in Hungary
NL2BRSophie Lynx knows that it’s important to exercise for optimum health, and she has a nice little “personal gym” set-up in her apartment. But after some rigorous moves, she needs a massage, so she calls Choky Ice over to give her the treatment. He rubs her back, and then her ass, and then she decides her mouth needs some soothing, so she takes out his dick and sucks it while he makes her butt shiny with massage oil. Soon, however, the focus turns to his relief as Sophie keeps blowing him and then bending over the massage table to take his cock from behind. Sophie looks over at us, just to make sure we understand what a naughty girl she really is. S...
Hands-on-Hardcore (Anal 1:1) P-V
NL2BRAfter enduring whipping and servile shoe worship in Part 1, naughty maid Sophie Lynx is now going to feel a different kind of “sting”--the emotional sting of hardcore lesbian submission and humiliation to the unfeeling relentlessness of Mistress Aleska Diamond’s strap-on dildo! Kneeling almost naked in front of her employer, her wrists bound in front of her, Sophie is persuaded to prepare the dildo for penetration by sucking on it. When the toy is finally glistening with her saliva, she is bent over the bed and fucked deeply in the pussy, feeling her mistress's firm but feminine hands on her asscheeks as she is banged. Mistress Aleska then wants...HouseOfTaboo (Anal toy lez) P-V

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RK Network Reg. in USA, shot in Hungary
as Sophie Lynx
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as Sophie Lynx
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as Sophie Lynx
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Mighty Mistress (Vaginal ffm)
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as Sophie Lynx

Pix&Video (Vaginal toy lez)
Pix&Video (Vaginal toy lez)
NudeFightClub (Lez)

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